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  • Top Five Places in Russia You Can’t Really Visit

    We’re all tired of traveling restrictions but what about travel destinations that are impossible to visit at all times? I’d say it’s still fascinating to learn more about them. Check out our list of (literally) legendary locations of Russian folklore.


  • The Unexpectedly Superstitious Side of St. Petersburg

    It might be the 21st century and we are planning our trips to Mars – but don’t let that fool you! Some of us still believe in superstitions and in some kind of spooky force out there casting good or bad luck our way. And if you are in for some luck, wealth, love, and maybe good grades, keep on reading – we know the secrets and are eager to fill you in.


  • Song of the Month: July 2020

    July’s time is running out (you can’t push it underground, etc. etc.) – so here’s an overview of songs we’ve especially favored throughout the month!


  • St. Petersburg's Spookiest Landmarks

    Halloween is almost here, and it's time for all things mysterious and scary. As we’ve already explored the spooky characters of Russian folklore in last year’s article, this time we’ve decided to focus on the many mystical sights of St. Petersburg.


  • Spooky, Scary, and Bizarre: Villains and Miscreants of Russian Folklore

    It’s the spooky time of the year, and although Halloween is still far from being a massive phenomenon in Russia like it is in the rest of the world, our country also has its fair share of scary, creepy and unsettling folklore. We invite you to learn about some of the Russian culture’s most beloved (and feared) villains, boogeymen and mischief makers.