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  • Russian Spring Foods You Have to Try

    If you see a guy taking a drill to a birch tree, don’t freak out. All he is doing is collecting the birch tree juice, one of the spring favorites in Russia.


  • Taste Maslenitsa Like a Russian

    Nothing says party like pancakes, butter, and setting stuff on fire. This week Russia celebrates Maslenitsa – one of our favorite spring holidays. Here’s how you can get in on the action.


  • Fuel Up On Breakfast Like a Russian

    Forget the sugar-loaded Fruit Loops! How about giving those healthy habits resolutions a chance and check out these seriously delicious – and mostly healthy – Russian breakfasts? 


  • Arctic Snacks: ITMO University Researchers Develop Functional Foods for Far North Regions

    Regions of the Far North make up more than half of Russia’s total area. A large part of these territories is found in the Arctic zone, where environmental conditions present a serious challenge to the inhabitants. The issue of nutrition is a major one in these areas, especially for people involved in demanding physical work. A group of graduate and postgraduate students from ITMO University are developing a solution to the issue in the form of a balanced ready-to-eat meals for consumption in cold weather conditions. The project has recently been showcased during the 11th Eurasian Science Forum “25 Years of Eurasian Integration: Origins, Realities, Potential”.


  • New Year in Russia: Traditional Foods

    I’m not really a fan of various New Year traditions; I don't like the obligatory exchange of presents, and chopping down live trees just to throw them away in a week’s time doesn’t sound like a good idea, either. Still, there’s one custom that’s sacred to me – and that’s the New Year’s dinner, which is a very special event for almost every Russian. And since you can’t have a meal without food, it is the traditional Russian New Year foods that will be our topic today!


  • Asian Comfort Food Near ITMO Campuses

    What’s a better way to fight the frost than a giant bowl of steaming-hot ramen? Here’re some of the best Asian cuisine places that are a non-freezing distance away from campus. 


  • Do Soup Therapy Like a Russian

    As the days get shorter and darker, how about a bowl of hot, hearty soup to cure the blues? Try local flavors and maybe feel better as a bonus. 


  • Unexplored St. Petersburg: Vasileostrovsky Market

    In the heart of St. Petersburg, the historic Vasileostrovsky Market is experiencing a transformation from a place where pushy babushkas sold pickles and herring along with counterfeit jeans to an urban center not unlike its European counterparts.


  • Try If You Dare: Five Scary (and Delicious) Russian Foods

    Ooey, gooey, slimey, gluey… We’re not talking candy corn here. We’re talking hardcore, vegetarian-unfriendly, Halloween-every-day kind of staples. Here’s what’s lingering in the dimly lit caverns of a Russian fridge.


  • Student Grub: Our Easy Meal Favorites

    It’s not all about the instant noodles… Healthy, fast and delicious – and even a little exotic – is the name of the game when it comes to making a perfect student meal, whether it’s a quick breakfast, hearty lunch, or a hard day’s night dinner. Here’s what we love.