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  • ITMO University’s NTI FoodNet Curator Olga Orlova: the Pandemic Will Make Food Safety a Long-Term Trend

    Early 2020 was a highly unclear time for the food tech industry. On the one hand, the coronavirus pandemic has led to a mass closing of restaurants and reduced demand for the products of food production facilities; on the other hand, it brought about a boom in the food and grocery delivery market. It is already clear that even when the period of self-isolation is over, the industry will take a while to come back to the way it was in late 2019. We spoke to Olga Orlova, the head of Infochemistry Scientific Center’s food tech digitization team and ITMO University’s representative as the curator of National Technological Initiative’s FoodNet program, about what awaits the industry in the near future and what kind of specialists it will require.


  • How to Support Local Businesses in St. Petersburg

    Social distancing is the right thing to do right now, but along with shutting down the virus, there’s a great risk we’ll shut down small businesses as well. The good news is that many of our favorite businesses in St. Petersburg have expanded their delivery options – you can get anything from food to gifts – and have come up with other ways to raise support, like offering future gift certificates. You brighten up your day, they get a lifeline. Let’s get through this together!


  • Do Comfort Food Like a Russian

    Spending way too much time in our kitchens, we’re turning to food for comfort as well as nourishment. Russians are pros at feeling happy through food - would you like a spoonful? 


  • How to Follow a Healthy Diet During Self-Isolation

    It’s hard to lead a healthy lifestyle during self-isolation. Staying at home, limited leisure options, lack of outdoor activities, and boredom are stressful for people both mentally and physically. Stress often leads to overeating and addiction to sweet, greasy, and salty foods. Rospotrebnadzor (The Federal Service for Surveillance on Consumer Rights Protection and Human Wellbeing) advises you to support your immunity with healthy eating habits by following the recommendations of the World Health Organization. We’ve compiled a list of tips from experts and apps for daily food tracking that may come in handy during the isolation period.


  • Love Buckwheat Like a Russian

    While the rest of the world hoarded toilet paper and pasta, Russians stocked up on buckwheat, or grecha as it’s known here, as the source of everything good in uncertain times. Can you really make ice-cream with this kitchen staple?


  • A Guide to Food Delivery in St. Petersburg

    Food delivery is one of the best inventions of the modern age, if you ask me. It’s a great option when you’re tired (or lazy), busy, or simply bored with what you usually eat. It may also come in handy during these troubling times when you shouldn’t leave the house too often. We have compiled a guide to food deliveries available in St. Petersburg based on personal experience.


  • Love Canned Goods Like a Russian

    Think Andy Warhol’s soup cans were iconic? Russia has its own cans that are just as famous, with their contents inspiring midnight pantry raids.


  • Russian Spring Foods You Have to Try

    If you see a guy taking a drill to a birch tree, don’t freak out. All he is doing is collecting the birch tree juice, one of the spring favorites in Russia.


  • Taste Maslenitsa Like a Russian

    Nothing says party like pancakes, butter, and setting stuff on fire. This week Russia celebrates Maslenitsa – one of our favorite spring holidays. Here’s how you can get in on the action.


  • Fuel Up On Breakfast Like a Russian

    Forget the sugar-loaded Fruit Loops! How about giving those healthy habits resolutions a chance and check out these seriously delicious – and mostly healthy – Russian breakfasts?