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  • 5 Food Markets of St. Peterburg

    Have you ever failed to reach an agreement on where to dine with your friends? Do you prefer to have as much choice as possible when it comes to food? From falafel to pho, the city's biggest food markets might just offer the right solution.  


  • Off to a Good Start: Top Breakfast Spots in St. Petersburg

    There is a side to St. Petersburg that is all about hedonism: relishing every bite of a tasty meal, enjoying the moment, and appreciating life as it comes. Going out for breakfast is one way you can experience this for yourself. Eggs, sandwiches, desserts, and more – let’s dive into the lively St. Pete breakfast scene!


  • Not Just Cheese: Russian Dairy Products Explained

    Even if you’ve not been here long, you will already have noticed – Russians sure love their dairy products! But among the familiar items on the store shelves, you’ll surely notice many curiosities, too. Though they may sound, look (or even smell) strange, your inner foodie will definitely appreciate the chance to try these new flavors and savor the rich variety. Today, we’ll tell you about the key Russian dairy products you should add to your shopping list.


  • Best Meals to Go: What Do ITMO Students Eat for Lunch?

    As students, our menus included some staples: pasta, sausages, and store-bought pelmeni. Convinced that you can do much more with simple ingredients and a little bit of time on your hands, we asked students at ITMO’s Lomonosova campus about their go-to meals. Here’s their collected wisdom – spoiler alert: no sausages or pelmeni!


  • From Russia With Kasha: Inventive Recipes To Try on World Porridge Day

    On World Porridge Day, let’s give a well-deserved shout-out to this most underrated of foods. A long-time staple of Russian cuisine and, some might even say, a crucial element of Russian culture, the humble porridge has an undeserved reputation for being bland and dull. Today, we intend to prove that it ain’t so – and invite you to check for yourself.


  • A Tram, a Garage, a Monastery: Unexpected Food Locations in St. Petersburg

    If you’re no longer impressed with the neatly designed interiors of local cafes, why not satisfy your hunger with new experiences? To spice things up, we present to you four eateries where both the menu and the venue make it worth a visit.


  • Best Things to Do in St. Petersburg This August

    With just one month of summer left to go, make the most of it with these diverse and fun activities.


  • Quick Fix: Breakfast Ideas for All Kinds of Mornings

    Whether you have a set lineup for your mornings or made a bad habit of skipping your breakfast altogether, you may want to give a try to one of these delicious yet super-easy recipes from a lazy cook’s guide.


  • Feel Like an Indian in St. Petersburg

    St. Petersburg is not only a major tourist attraction but also a hub for education and innovation. As a result, it has one of the largest communities of expats in Russia. The Venice of the North is also home to a small but vibrant Indian community. From students and professionals to families and retirees, the Indian community in St. Petersburg is diverse and dynamic, with members from all over India and a range of backgrounds and interests. Read on to find out the ways in which you can feel desi in the land of superlatives.


  • Sbiten and Vzvar: Slavic Way to Gluehnwein

    Tea and coffee were brought to Russia relatively recently, but, as you can imagine, hot beverages have always been a necessity in our climate. What kind of drinks were they, other than Ivan chai?