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  • Compote: A Russian Fruity Drink You Have To Try

    This is not compote, said my British colleague Lorna. We were having lunch at the stolovaya – the cafeteria – and she was looking at the liquid in her glass. “Compote is preserved fruit. You can cut it with a knife,” she said. “Oh, but this is different,” I said. “You have to try it.”


  • Comfort Foods to Try This Fall

    Our team shares some of their tasty favorites to keep you full, warm, and cozy this autumn. Ever had a sharlotka? Fancy a glass of spicy cider? You will after reading this article.


  • This Weekend in St. Petersburg: September 26-27, 2020

    Fall is in the air, and the September blues is starting to kick in. But you can still have a good time while soaking up those last days of rare but still warm sunshine thrust in between hazy and hurricane-like times. Let’s beat this urge to wrap up in a cozy blanket and binge-watch our favorite TV shows together – and, against all odds, fill our last September days with good vibes!


  • Secret Fast Food in St. Petersburg

    Craving to indulge in something delectable but sick of standing in queues or giving your money to fast food giants? We've eavesdropped on the locals (and checked their advice) to bring you some of the most unique places for a perfect snack in St. Petersburg. But only if you promise to keep it a secret!


  • This Mostly Stay-At-Home Weekend in St. Petersburg: August 29-30, 2020

    Enjoy your last chance to shake things up before the new semester starts with socially distanced yet fun activities in St. Petersburg.


  • Scientists Develop a Better Yogurt with Chia Seeds

    According to recent research by ITMO University scientists, chia seeds, a popular healthy topping, can improve the characteristics of yogurt. Authors of this research discussed the results they achieved, obstacles they faced, and further plans for their project.


  • Summer Foods for When it’s Hot in St. Petersburg

    We love to eat and we love to share. So this summer, as the temperature is hitting over 30°C and we’re sweltering here at home, we’re also enjoying our favorite food and drinks that keep us refreshed and appreciative of summers in St. Petersburg.


  • Whip Up Desserts Like a Russian

    Decadent, classic, labor-intensive and oh-so-satisfying. With restaurants closed, pastry chefs are making some of their most beloved Russian desserts in real time on Instagram, offering us a glimpse of their kitchens and a rare opportunity to make sweet magic at home. 


  • ITMO University’s NTI FoodNet Curator Olga Orlova: the Pandemic Will Make Food Safety a Long-Term Trend

    Early 2020 was a highly unclear time for the food tech industry. On the one hand, the coronavirus pandemic has led to a mass closing of restaurants and reduced demand for the products of food production facilities; on the other hand, it brought about a boom in the food and grocery delivery market. It is already clear that even when the period of self-isolation is over, the industry will take a while to come back to the way it was in late 2019. We spoke to Olga Orlova, the head of Infochemistry Scientific Center’s food tech digitization team and ITMO University’s representative as the curator of National Technological Initiative’s FoodNet program, about what awaits the industry in the near future and what kind of specialists it will require.


  • How to Support Local Businesses in St. Petersburg

    Social distancing is the right thing to do right now, but along with shutting down the virus, there’s a great risk we’ll shut down small businesses as well. The good news is that many of our favorite businesses in St. Petersburg have expanded their delivery options – you can get anything from food to gifts – and have come up with other ways to raise support, like offering future gift certificates. You brighten up your day, they get a lifeline. Let’s get through this together!