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  • Fuel Up On Breakfast Like a Russian

    Forget the sugar-loaded Fruit Loops! How about giving those healthy habits resolutions a chance and check out these seriously delicious – and mostly healthy – Russian breakfasts? 


  • Arctic Snacks: ITMO University Researchers Develop Functional Foods for Far North Regions

    Regions of the Far North make up more than half of Russia’s total area. A large part of these territories is found in the Arctic zone, where environmental conditions present a serious challenge to the inhabitants. The issue of nutrition is a major one in these areas, especially for people involved in demanding physical work. A group of graduate and postgraduate students from ITMO University are developing a solution to the issue in the form of a balanced ready-to-eat meals for consumption in cold weather conditions. The project has recently been showcased during the 11th Eurasian Science Forum “25 Years of Eurasian Integration: Origins, Realities, Potential”.


  • Our Editorial Team's Best of 2019

    It’s been a great year here at ITMO University, and our English-language news portal’s editorial team has done its best to provide you with a heads-up on what’s happening around the city on the weekend, tell you a bit about life in Russia, and find the best ways to experience St. Petersburg. Since this year is coming to an end, we’d like to share with you some of our favorite articles of the year.


  • New Year in Russia: Traditional Foods

    I’m not really a fan of various New Year traditions; I don't like the obligatory exchange of presents, and chopping down live trees just to throw them away in a week’s time doesn’t sound like a good idea, either. Still, there’s one custom that’s sacred to me – and that’s the New Year’s dinner, which is a very special event for almost every Russian. And since you can’t have a meal without food, it is the traditional Russian New Year foods that will be our topic today!


  • Asian Comfort Food Near ITMO Campuses

    What’s a better way to fight the frost than a giant bowl of steaming-hot ramen? Here’re some of the best Asian cuisine places that are a non-freezing distance away from campus. 


  • Do Soup Therapy Like a Russian

    As the days get shorter and darker, how about a bowl of hot, hearty soup to cure the blues? Try local flavors and maybe feel better as a bonus. 


  • Unexplored St. Petersburg: Vasileostrovsky Market

    In the heart of St. Petersburg, the historic Vasileostrovsky Market is experiencing a transformation from a place where pushy babushkas sold pickles and herring along with counterfeit jeans to an urban center not unlike its European counterparts.


  • Try If You Dare: Five Scary (and Delicious) Russian Foods

    Ooey, gooey, slimey, gluey… We’re not talking candy corn here. We’re talking hardcore, vegetarian-unfriendly, Halloween-every-day kind of staples. Here’s what’s lingering in the dimly lit caverns of a Russian fridge.


  • Student Grub: Our Easy Meal Favorites

    It’s not all about the instant noodles… Healthy, fast and delicious – and even a little exotic – is the name of the game when it comes to making a perfect student meal, whether it’s a quick breakfast, hearty lunch, or a hard day’s night dinner. Here’s what we love.


  • This Weekend in St. Petersburg: October 12-13, 2019

    From impactful photography and enthralling music to delicious food and cinematic explorations, this weekend in St. Petersburg abounds with interesting events for you to attend!


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