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  • Tvorog: Russia’s Favorite Cheese

    White, crumbly and found in a wide variety of traditional desserts, this delicious cheese is something of a household staple in most Russian homes. But what is it? How do you say tvorog in English? And how does it taste?


  • How to Get in Trouble at a Russian Dinner Table

    Like holding your fork in your fist? Using a napkin to blow your nose? Sitting cross-legged on your chair? Your Russian grandma – should you be lucky enough to have one – will set your Russian table manners straight, and then stuff you full.


  • Vatrushka: Delicious Tvorog Pastry With a Mysterious Past

    If you think the term vatrushka sounds familiar, you probably remember our recent all-encompassing overview on the many ways we eat tvorog, a true kitchen staple, in Russia. But there is more to this dessert than meets the eye – and today we’ll let you in on the secret to the best, most delicious vatrushka of your life. 


  • The Traditional Сuisine of St. Petersburg

    Every year, my friends from other Russian cities come to visit me in St. Petersburg. I always show them the sights and give them a gastronomic tour. In my opinion, until you try its traditional cuisine, you will not be able to fully understand the culture of the city. Today, I will tell you about 5 delicious dishes that you should definitely try when you come to our wonderful city! Bon appétit!


  • Kazan: The Unique Flair of Russia’s Third Capital

    My list of expectations for Kazan, the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan, was long. But, as usual, the real deal was much more complex and captivating. Here're my impressions from a trip in early June to help you plan your adventure or just learn more about Russia.


  • How To Be Vegan in St. Petersburg

    A huge 21st century trend, veganism has now reached Russia. In big cities like St. Petersburg, one by one cafes are becoming more vegan-friendly and more stores are providing plant-based options. Although small positive changes towards meatless and dairy-free lifestyles can be seen more often, vegans still need a guide on how to survive in St. Petersburg.


  • Life During Exams: Self-Care 101

    Have you ever found yourself not fully enjoying something exciting when it happens before you submit an important assignment? Or maybe you don’t even allow yourself to meet up with friends or take a quiet walk before you finish a task? Today, we are here to hopefully fix that and tell you how self-care can mean much more than just indulging in bath bombs or delicacies. Make yourself comfortable and enjoy (even if you haven’t crossed out everything on your to-do list yet)! 


  • Live Your Best Spring in St. Petersburg

    It’s time to start living the life we could only imagine during those long and unexpectedly cold winter months – spring is almost in its full reign in the city! For this special occasion, we have assembled a collection of ideas on how to celebrate every token of the season all around St. Petersburg. Let’s see hibernation off in style! 


  • Bird-Shaped Buns to Welcome Spring

    If you feel like you didn’t do spring justice by celebrating its arrival during the Maslenitsa week, don’t be upset – this time you can do it with sweet buns!


  • ITMO Celebrates Maslenitsa: Stories from Students and Staff

    Do you love pancakes? This week you can eat them to your heart’s content – it’s Maslenitsa week in Russia! This celebration is all about welcoming spring and yes, gorging on pancakes, or blini, as they’re called here. We asked our students to describe how they’re celebrating this traditional Russian holiday.