• Specialty: Russian cuisine

Teremok has been making authentic “homemade” foods and drinks since 1999. As of now, the chain has around 160 outlets – food kiosks, counters at food courts, and full-service restaurants – in St. Petersburg alone. Though the venue’s specialty is blinis, both sweet and savory, they also serve a whole lot of everything else, be it scrambled eggs, syrniki, or sweet semolina for breakfast, borscht with sour cream and chicken with buckwheat for lunch, or a kartoshka cake with tea, raf, or any other sophisticated beverage for dessert. 

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Kroshka Kartoshka

  • Specialty: baked potatoes & more

With different-type venues around the city, Kroshka Kartoshka is another local mainstay, best known for its baked potato-based meals. At Kroshka Kartoshka, much like Subway, you can make a meal your way by picking a base (butter, cheese, dill and oil, etc.) and a topping (ham and cheese, chicken and mushrooms, crab meat with mayo, etc.) for your loaded potato. Among other meals to try are grilled cheese potatoes, various soups, salads, sandwiches, wraps, and more. 

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Lepim i Varim

  • Specialty: classic & colorful pelmenis

Lepim i Varim (meaning We Make and Boil Them [Pelmenis]) is a 100% pelmeni house where you can enjoy any kind of dumpling: meat or vegetarian, round- or oval-sized, and white, yellow, or even black. The wonderful naming is worth a mention, as well: some pelmenis are inspired by pop culture (Bilbo Baggins or Italians in Russia) and some are just fun (Say Cheeese!).

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Dodo Pizza

  • Specialty: all kinds of pizzas

Not a specialty chain, but a Russian take on fast food, Dodo Pizza offers a bevy of breakfast options, appetizers, desserts & drinks – and, of course, pizzas to any liking. There are all kinds of pizzas, from traditional pepperoni and margherita to shrimp & sweet chili or Greek-style. Plus, there you will also find some unique wraps called dodsters, which are definitely worth trying. The chain is now known far beyond Russia; these days, it has over 1,000 outlets in 22 countries throughout the world. 

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