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  • Top Spots for Russian Fast Food in St. Petersburg

    From classic borscht and pelmeni to funnily-named desserts, Russia, too, has fast food on lock. These domestic chains serve starters, entrees, and afters – both traditional and with a novel twist.


  • Not Just Cheese: Russian Dairy Products Explained

    Even if you’ve not been here long, you will already have noticed – Russians sure love their dairy products! But among the familiar items on the store shelves, you’ll surely notice many curiosities, too. Though they may sound, look (or even smell) strange, your inner foodie will definitely appreciate the chance to try these new flavors and savor the rich variety. Today, we’ll tell you about the key Russian dairy products you should add to your shopping list.


  • From Russia With Kasha: Inventive Recipes To Try on World Porridge Day

    On World Porridge Day, let’s give a well-deserved shout-out to this most underrated of foods. A long-time staple of Russian cuisine and, some might even say, a crucial element of Russian culture, the humble porridge has an undeserved reputation for being bland and dull. Today, we intend to prove that it ain’t so – and invite you to check for yourself.


  • Anthills and Potatoes: Popular Russian Desserts with Unique and Funny Names

    Do Russians eat ants for dessert? Why do they sell potatoes at bakeries? And why would one buy a rum-woman early in the morning? In Russia, there are plenty of desserts with less-than-delicious names – but trust us, you'd be a fool not to try them.


  • Apple Feast: Traditional Russian Treats to Try This Fall

    If the apple season left you with too many apples and you’ve already succeeded in reducing all your visits to the doctor, here are some Russian-style recipes that will have you feeling this fall season.