Situated at a former barracks shower facility (yum) in the Golitsyn Loft is a cozy vegan bistro with a whimsical design, swoon-worthy cuisine and the important message of fika, the Swedish coffee break that embodies a whole philosophy of life: slow, mindful, convivial and full of tasty goodness. The menu abounds with colorful veggie bowls, scrumptious pasta dishes loaded with vegan cheese, steaming soups, tofu syrniki, and a variety of finger-licking desserts: cinnamon buns, cakes (including cheesecakes that are totally out of this world), and Belgian waffles. Couple that with Fika’s ambrosia-like drinks (coffee, teas, matcha, hot cocoa, kissels, lemonades, milkshakes and smoothies) and you’ll be in heaven (also in a food coma, but heaven first).


Located in a small yet cozy shipping container near the Galeria shopping mall, VEGGIE BOX offers a wide variety of vegan street food, from delicious potato patty burgers and fresh veggie salads to wok, pizza, lasagna, soy ‘meat’ chebureks, and lots of scrumptious homemade sweet goodies.  


The first vegan burger joint in the Northern Capital, Hood offers lots of vegan street food options ranging from burgers and hot dogs to lentil patties and carrot cupcakes, supplemented by a variety of hot drinks that will keep you warm on these chilly winter days.


Credit: Jess Bailey (@jessbaileydesigns) on Unsplash

Credit: Jess Bailey (@jessbaileydesigns) on Unsplash

Proudly proclaiming itself the only vegan pancake cafe in Russia, BerryBlin does have lots and lots of vegan blinis, both savory and sweet ones. In the mood for a tofu pancake with mushrooms or spinach? You’ll find it here. More of a sweet tooth kind of person? You have plenty of pancake choices here, from pineapple and pear to chocolate, banana, and berries. There are also cakes, soups, pelmenis, noodles, potato dishes, as well as combo meals coming with a pleasing price tag of 200 rubles.


A unique street-food vegan cafe in the Loft Project Etagi creative space, Bro Food literally is what it says on the tin: a welcoming place with a true-and-tested menu of comfort foods that are impossible not to like. Burgers? Check. Noodles, hot-dogs, wraps? Check, check, check. Apart from hearty (and very reasonably priced!) nosh, another thing that’s impressive about this eatery is their commitment to the ethical treatment of animals: all proceeds go to local animal charities. Combining a tasty meal with your good deed for the day? Bro Food makes it possible.

Falafel King

One of the oldest falafel joints in St. Pete, this small café situated on Pyat Uglov offers several types of falafel and hummus, as well as vegetarian salads, soups, snacks, and homemade oriental sweets.

Vilki ne Protiv

Another plant-based Loft Project Etagi resident, Vilki ne Protiv has a lot in common with its charity bruvver, its cheap and cheerful menu full of mouth-watering vegan burgers, wraps, falafels, salads, and soups. Drinks on offer include smoothies, tea, and mors – all coming at bargainous prices.


An eminent veteran of the vegetarian food scene, Rada&K has lots of varied food options up its sleeve. Try vegetarian-friendly versions of Russian classic soups Solyanka and Borsch, indulge in flavorful Indian cuisine, binge on sumptuous desserts: the price tag allows all this and more, with the average bill said to amount to a mere 250 rubles.

Dyadya Fadi

Is it a cafe, is it an apartment, are these the best falafels in town? Swing by this hospitable, homely place to make your own judgment. With Dyadya Fadi’s funky soups du jour and fluffy, august felines condescendingly keeping guests company, your visit will sure be a memorable one!

Credit: Francesco La Corte (@lordfre) on Unsplash

Credit: Francesco La Corte (@lordfre) on Unsplash


For a thousand years, there has been a war waging between humans and nature. Will the Earth survive in some 100 years? These guys don’t know. But what they know for sure is that everyone can do their bit to make the world a better place. Their solution is serving eco-friendly, ethical food made of plant-based wholefoods ingredients. The menu includes plenty of vegan soups, green rolls, smoothies, raw sweets, and even ice-cream.

ZEN Vegan Burger

They love philosophizing. They’re quirky. They’re zen. They claim to have the best vegan burgers in the burger-abundant St. Petersburg. With a secret ingredient the owners elicited from a Tibetan monk, no less. Isn’t that enough to persuade you to give ZEN Vegan Burger a go? So give it a go. Prices are reasonable, burgers and wraps aplenty, and there’s live music from time to time.


Eat pizza not animals, call out the cooking masters behind DänerPizza, and with pizzas like that, you better be listening. Among their highlights is pizza with seitan, tofu-anchovy paste, oyster mushrooms, as well as focaccia with spinach and fresh tomato sauce.

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Written by Anastasia Krasilnikova and Anastasiia Labunskaia.