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  • Student Spotlight: Shafayet Ullah Nadeem, Bangladesh

    What is it like to be an international student at ITMO? Is winter a challenge for foreigners? What do international students think about Russian food? To get the answers to these questions, we caught up with Shafayet Ullah Nadeem, an international student from Bangladesh.


  • Immersive Theater: What It Is and Where to Experience It in St. Petersburg

    William Shakespeare once said: “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.” His words have never been truer than ever since immersive theater hit the global scene. What is it and what’s in it for you? Let’s figure it out.


  • Student Spotlight: Zana Sherwani, Iraqi Kurdistan

    Zana has always been passionate about computers and gaming since his childhood. As he grew up, he turned his passion into his career. He is also involved with numerous charitable foundations to help those in need. This is his first time in St. Petersburg during the winter. Let’s find out how he has been coping with the weather and enjoying his time here. 


  • Student Spotlight: Sharaf Ahdaf Souf, Bangladesh

    Sharaf is an international student at ITMO who came to St. Petersburg from Dhaka, Bangladesh. He is currently enrolled in ITMO’s Russian-language Foundation Program and will pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from next semester. A painter and singer at heart, Sharaf is a very amiable and cheerful young man. We got an opportunity to hang out with him and talk to him about his experiences, expectations, and ambitions at ITMO.


  • Student Spotlight: Fernanda Olivares, Mexico

    Fernanda Olivares from Mexico is an international student at ITMO. She is a trained artist and sculptor and studies Art & Science. Her passion is uniting technology and art because she believes that it will greatly enhance both fields. Read our exciting conversation as we jump into all things art, science, food, and Christmas!


  • Holidays in Russia: International Students’ Insights

    Most of us are geared up for the upcoming celebration: Christmas trees are decorated, arrangements are made, movie marathons are planned. But what about our international students? For most of them, this New Year is going to be the first one spent away from their homes and families. We wanted to make sure they’re also ready to have a good time, so we asked them to share their plans and wishes for these winter holidays.


  • Student Spotlight: Aleksandra Ilieva, Macedonia

    Aleksandra Ilieva is an international student who came to ITMO from Macedonia. She is also a writer who has recently published a book of poetry. In today’s interview, we talked all about her hobbies, ambitions, and experiences. Read on to hear about Aleksandra’s writing and her life in St. Petersburg  


  • Student Spotlight: Khalil Ibrahim, Syria

    Khalil Ibrahim from Syria is an international student at ITMO and is currently enrolled in a one-year Russian language foundation program before pursuing a Master’s degree in information security. He is a true Madridista at heart and in this conversation he shared with us his love for football and his favorite team. Read along to learn more about his life in St. Pete and his plans for Christmas and New Year.


  • One Perfect Day: Feel Swedish in St. Petersburg

    Want to fall in love with Sweden and its traditions in a day without even leaving St. Pete? That’s exactly what will happen to you once you spend 24 hours following the guide below. So get your Kånken (and that’s pronounced “kOnken”, not “kAnken”) bag ready – and let’s go! 


  • Student Spotlight: Mina Hakim, Egypt

    Meet Mina Hakim, an international student from Egypt who is a jack of all trades. A first-year industrial ecology Master’s student, he’s also involved in lots of activities, from volleyball to volunteering. Our conversation turned into a pretty interesting discussion in no time. Read along to learn about his exciting project and much more.