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  • Unexplored St. Petersburg: Kanonersky Island

    Having lived in St. Petersburg for a long time, we fondly believe we know it inside and out. We’re taking suburban trains and exploring the outskirts to find hidden sights of our beloved city, when in fact, off-the-beaten-track gems of the Northern Capital are much closer than one can expect. Here’s our proof – a 15-minute ride from the city center will take you right into the middle of the unique culture, history, and mentality of Kanonersky Island.


  • Our Favorite Places to Experience Fall in St. Petersburg

    ‘Tis the season of warm sweaters, long scarves and spiced coffee. Turns out, we all have different places in our beloved St. Pete, where we tend to come in the fall – to fully embrace this essentially cosy time of the year. Who knows, maybe one of these will become your favorite, too?


  • The Unexpectedly Superstitious Side of St. Petersburg

    It might be the 21st century and we are planning our trips to Mars – but don’t let that fool you! Some of us still believe in superstitions and in some kind of spooky force out there casting good or bad luck our way. And if you are in for some luck, wealth, love, and maybe good grades, keep on reading – we know the secrets and are eager to fill you in.


  • Bike Ride With the Rector 12.0: Participants Share Their Impressions and Pandemic Experience

    On Tuesday evening, dozens of ITMO University students and staff met for a traditional bike ride with Rector Vladimir Vasilyev. An ITMO.NEWS journalist also joined the cyclists and talked to some of the participants.


  • Public Transport in St. Petersburg

    St. Petersburg’s vast public transit network is easy to use and not overly expensive. In addition to being convenient and oftentimes quicker than a taxi or rental, it can also be a great way to explore the city on a budget. Visitors to Russia’s cultural capital can make use of the metro, buses, trams, trolleybuses, and commercial minibuses (marshrutkas). Here’s our primer on how to get anywhere in St. Pete without breaking the bank.


  • Secret Fast Food in St. Petersburg

    Craving to indulge in something delectable but sick of standing in queues or giving your money to fast food giants? We've eavesdropped on the locals (and checked their advice) to bring you some of the most unique places for a perfect snack in St. Petersburg. But only if you promise to keep it a secret!


  • This Mostly Stay-at-Home Weekend in St. Petersburg: Art and Cinema

    Now that we’ve survived the cloudy and gloomy weekdays, summer is promising to reward us for our patience with pleasant weather. That means it’s high time to enjoy a rich online program and outdoor activities, warmed by the August sun and protected by masks. Get ready for this weekend with a bunch of events from a cinema festival to a new art space opening!


  • 5 Things You Didn’t Know About St. Petersburg

    What I love about St. Petersburg is the beautiful architecture, the canals inspired by Venice and Amsterdam, and the rich history. In the 4.5 years that I’ve lived here I also constantly see the city go through changes: the restaurant across from work, for example, has changed at least three times, and even the building I work in has changed significantly from when I first arrived. So I can barely imagine what surprising changes have taken place in the city since its founding in 1703.


  • This Mostly Stay-at-Home Weekend in St. Petersburg: August 8-9, 2020

    Brace yourselves, the weekend is coming! Awaiting us is an exciting program featuring a plethora of online events and one offline (eek!) paddleboarding festival. Have fun (and maybe also nip to the park for some fresh air if you’re feeling like it – wearing a mask and keeping your distance, of course)!


  • Environmental-Monitoring Water Drones to Be Tested on St. Petersburg Rivers

    In the future, the floating robots, which were developed by the staff of the company Airalab together with ITMO University engineers, might appear in the water bodies of Africa, Asia, and Latin America, as negotiations are already underway. Learn more in this article by ITMO.NEWS.