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  • Don’t Get Skinny Like a Russian: Tackling Common Food Myths

    Growing up, many of us heard some seemingly absurd things about what it means to eat healthy – and some of us have even witnessed these practices in action. In this article, we look at the best of the worst eating advice to be found on the Russian granny grapevine.


  • Discovering the Student-Led Plant-Based Menu Initiative at ITMO

    This Tuesday, I ventured from ITMO’s Internationalization Office on our Lomonosova campus to discover the plant-based menu I had heard about at the ITMO cafeteria on Chaykovskogo Street. The initiative, introduced last year by ITMO’s Sustainable Development Club, is about to span the whole university, contributing to more eco-friendly and healthy food choices on campus. Here is what I managed to find out about it.


  • Summer Foods for When it’s Hot in St. Petersburg

    We love to eat and we love to share. So this summer, as the temperature is hitting over 30°C and we’re sweltering here at home, we’re also enjoying our favorite food and drinks that keep us refreshed and appreciative of summers in St. Petersburg.


  • More Cool Vegan Places in St. Petersburg

    Want to introduce more plant-based food in your diet this year, or have planned a full-on vegan transition? With an abundance of vegan cafes and dineries in St. Pete, you’ll never look back; here are some of the new ones!


  • 5 Healthy Habits for the New Year

    It is our firm conviction that a little indulgence over the holidays is more than fine, whatever toxic “get fit or else” marketing would have you believe. But you may also want to start a new year with a cleaner slate – be it for your mental and physical health and/or the planet’s wellbeing at large. If that’s the case (go you!) – we’ve prepared a little checklist of healthy habits for you to try to incorporate. Just remember: every step, however small, matters, and we’re in it together!


  • The Experiment: A Week Without Coffee

    Hello, we are Anastasias, and we are coffee addicts. We love coffee for so many reasons: the rich taste, the delicious aroma of roasted beans, the feeling of excitement and euphoria caffeine evokes in us, and just the ritual of taking a rest from your daily routine and sitting down with a cup of latte. However, though reinvigorating and delicious, coffee has its fair share of drawbacks, as it increases anxiety, reduces sleep and causes energy spikes and crashes. So we decided to do the unspeakable: attempt to give up coffee for a week. Will we make it out alive? Let’s find out!


  • Vegetarian & Vegan St. Petersburg: Shops

    We’ve covered restaurants, we’ve covered cafes and street-food spots, and now it is health-food shops that we’ll be spilling the beans on. As the places all of us tend to frequent on a nearly-everyday basis, picking the right shop is something you can make the most difference with, both for personal well-being and the well-being of the planet. So here they are, the vegan-shop heroes of St. Petersburg, in all of their eco-friendly glory!


  • Vegetarian & Vegan St. Petersburg: Cafes and Street Food Spots

    What comes to your mind when you think of vegetarian or, heaven forbid, vegan street food? Plain, flavorless veggies wrapped in pita bread? Boring green salads? Falafel with hummus if you’re lucky? We know, hunting for street food can be especially tricky for vegetarians and vegans. To help you with that, we made a list of the best vegan and vegetarian сafés and street food spots in St. Pete; visit at least one and you’ll never look back at a regular fast-food joint wistfully!


  • Vegetarian & Vegan St. Petersburg: Restaurants

    Whether you’re a vegetarian, vegan, or just someone wanting to lead a healthier lifestyle, plant-based foods are always a good idea. Apart from being chock-full of vitamins, nutrients and other goodness, as well as a more ethical way to eat, these are also mouth-wateringly level of tasty. Don’t believe us? Here’s a series of articles featuring a comprehensive overview of vegetarian and vegan eateries and shops of St. Petersburg that will certainly make you change your mind. This first installment is dedicated to restaurants: big and small, upmarket and less so. Tuck in!


  • Vegan’s Survival Guide to St. Petersburg

    It's an ordeal familiar to any vegan: you're coming to a new city and it's all terribly exciting, but at the back of your mind there's this nagging, existential question of where (and whether) you're going to get your daily fix of oat milk and should you bring a spare suitcase packed to the brim with tofu. Don't worry – we’ve got this covered; being vegan in St. Petersburg is not mission impossible. If you’re vegan and dreading moving to the unknown or just want to eat more plant-based in St. Pete, here are our top tips and tricks!