Rabbit, Run

If you still think that vegan food equals boring, head straight to Rabbit, Run for some delicious counter-evidence. A cozy vegan cafe and bakery located in the city center, it serves an impressive variety of scrumptious cakes (both original recipes and veganized versions of cheesecake, mille-feuille and red velvet) and other desserts, as well as all-day breakfast options that include a hearty tofu scramble, a warming seasonal soup, syrniki, and coconut milk & PB quinoa porridge – all plant-based and all the better for it. Combine that with calming ambiance and friendly staff and what d’you get – heaven, maybe? We rest our case.

Fika Vegan Bistro Food & Bakery

You may have already read about this cozy vegan bistro in our last year's review, but the best thing about it is that they have moved from a teeny-tiny spot in Golitsyn Loft to a much more spacious place with huge gorgeous windows, lots of plants and greenery and a renewed menu. Among the highlights are curry bowls with rice, steamed veggies and creamy coconut milk; bolognese waffle-sandwich with soy meat, hazelnut cheese and iceberg salad; matcha and coconut ice cream and mango sorbet.

Cucumbers (Огурцы)

A brand-new inclusive cafe on the Fontanka Embankment, Cucumbers serves all-day vegan breakfasts and business lunches (bowls, salads, soups and sandwiches), as well as a range of specialty coffee options, tea, cocoa and fruit drinks, all made by people with special needs working alongside professional cooks and barista. They also organize workshops on how to cook waffles and brew delicious coffee.

Daner Pizza Spot

We’ve already covered Daner Pizza Spot before, but they’ve since moved into a space of their own, and this Naples-style vegan pizzeria, the first of its kind in Russia, deserves all the attention as far as we’re concerned. High-quality Italian flour, top-notch vegan cheese, fresh toppings, baked with care in a proper wood stove as the noble name of pizza obliges, with no animals being hurt in the process; a win-win-win situation if there ever was one.


Want to be let in on a little secret? In the heart of the city, a little off Pestelya St., there’s a courtyard, and in this courtyard there is a wonderful vegan shop Llamas. And in the second room of this treasure trove, there’s a newly-opened vegan cafe Koresh (Russian slang for friend). Serving wholesome ramen, stir fries, sandwiches and salads, this place is definitely worth checking out, maybe with your own koresh or two!

Written by Anastasia Krasilnikova and Anastasiia Labunskaia