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  • ITMO’s Monday Science Roundup #47

    Following the 2023 recap, we’re back with our regular overview of the latest reports, interviews, and explainers from the world of science – both at ITMO and beyond.


  • Student Spotlight: Alexander Saitov, Kazakhstan

    From sunny Kazakhstan to Tomsk and then to St. Petersburg – Alexander Saitov’s academic journey has truly taken him places! A student at ITMO’s FoodTech Master’s program, he is very passionate about his field. In this interview, we talk about his interest in biotechnologies, discover how he found his calling, and learn his invaluable advice for making friends in a new country. Keep reading to learn his story!


  • Ice Cream for Stress Relief: ITMO Scientists Create Functional Food Products Using Bioactive Substances

    The modern lifestyle and the pandemic cause stress, an increased workload, and growing antibiotic resistance. In their turn, these factors lead to low immunity and diseases, including the neurodegenerative kind. Scientists from ITMO’s Faculty of Biotechnologies are working on a project that aims to solve these challenges through the application of biologically active substances in the development of new food products. The project has already received support from the Russian Science Foundation. ITMO.NEWS contacted Natalia Yakovchenko, the head of the project and of ITMO’s Functional & Specialized Nutrition specialization of the FoodTech program.


  • Nutraceuticals, Prosumerism, and Other Current FoodTech Trends

    Earlier this year, ITMO’s School of Biotechnology and Cryogenic Systems hosted Food BioTech, a major conference on the latest achievements in foodtech – an interdisciplinary field that brings together food production, IT, medicine, and research. Experts discussed the topical trends in the field, including functional foods, food quality and safety, sustainable development and green technologies, as well as the key to digitalizing footech and the changes in opinions on personal nutrition that were brought on by the pandemic. 


  • Picture of the Week: Hermetia Illucens or Black Soldier Flies

    The title photo depicts an insectarium with a broodstock of Hermetia illucens, also known as the black soldier fly. Its larvae, rich in fat and protein, may be used as an alternative livestock feed additive.


  • Food of the Future: What’s to Come?

    Join us as we delve into the latest trends of the food industry, projects that aim to prevent disease using food, and see how the food of the future will differ from what’s on our plates today.


  • FoodTech Master’s Program Head Olesya Volokh: Food Is Always in Fashion

    ITMO University’s Faculty of Biotechnologies (or BioTech) is actively renewing its educational program lineup. Olesya Volokh, a science team leader at Danone Russia and a researcher at Lomonosov Moscow State University, has joined the faculty team to help them in that effort. ITMO.NEWS met with Dr. Volokh to chat about science, FoodTech, and what the program’s students should expect from the updated curriculum.


  • Artificial Meat and What It’s All About: 10 Top Questions

    Some scientists say that artificial meat could be humanity’s salvation from hunger – but then why isn’t it being produced at an industrial scale? We dig into the subject, guided by Alexander Ishevsky, a professor at ITMO University’s Faculty of Biotechnologies.