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  • From Equatorial Guinea to Russia

    Bernardino Ondo Abaga Ada and Juan Zacarías Okue Ondo Mbang, two international students in their third year of studies at the Faculty of Technological Management and Innovation, came to study in St. Petersburg four years ago from Equatorial Guinea. In an interview with ITMO.NEWS they told us about how they took preparatory courses and learned Russian, how they entered the bachelor's program and some of the peculiarities of studying in Russia.


  • Big Data and the Russian Dream

    If you’re from Pakistan and are thinking about studying in Russia, you might want to hear about a first-hand account of how it all works, and what studying in Russia could look like for you. In fact, you’ll laugh a lot when you find out how to say “how are you?” and “good” in Russian.


  • Wild Potato for the Welfare of Cultivated Vegetables

    Mechanisms of interaction between microorganisms and plants, for instance, symbiosis of bacteria and vegetables, are a poorly researched field. Making a breakthrough can lead to new technologies of food storage. The specialists of International Research Center "Biotechnologies of the Third Millennium" study this issue in order to develop anti-parasitic medications. This year Romain Darriaut, Master’s student from Sup’Biotech University, joined the research group.