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  • Machine Intelligence - Key to New Age of Creativity

    Machine intelligence has a radical effect on various aspects of the human way of life – from business management to creative work. On August 24, at the Future in Tech: What’s Next conference in Moscow, Sergey Paranko, Media Ecosystem Development Director at VK, spoke about how the entertainment industry will change in the next five years and how that is connected to machine intelligence and social networks.


  • Yandex Expert Shares Rules for Co-Existence of Humans and AI

    Machine intelligence, open source code and cloud storage are having a radical effect on business models, job market demand and human life. For companies to remain commercially viable and for people to remain employed, it is necessary to learn and adapt, as well as to break the stereotypes about the role of machines in society. As part of the Future in Tech: What’s Next conference in Moscow, Andrey Sebrant, Product Marketing Director at Yandex, spoke about these and other topics.