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  • ITMO Student Wins ArtMasters Championship With Economic Simulator About Hermitage Cats

    Eva Avocado is a student at ITMO’s Faculty of Infocommunication Technologies, and for the last two years she has been developing games. Recently, she won ArtMasters, the open national championship of creative competencies. Eva won in the category Game Designer and received a 500,000 rubles award, hardware, and an internship invitation from an IT company. In this article, she tells us how she accomplished this incredible feat.


  • ITMO’s Monday Science Roundup #40

    Fittingly for this “anniversary” installment of our science digest, we have a whole slew of research updates to share: from anti-cancer and computing breakthroughs to a dive into the science of memes.


  • ITMO and Nau Engine Announce Strategic Partnership

    In an exciting development, ITMO University and the open-source Nau Engine have announced their strategic partnership, which, among other things, will entail the inclusion of the game engine into the university’s curricula and its use in development of educational content.


  • ITMO’s Monday Science Roundup #38

    The new academic year is here! In today’s recap of science-themed reports from ITMO.NEWS, we focus on learning in all its forms: from developments on the awaited ITMO Highpark campus to insights into the Russian higher education system and opportunities for ITMO students. Pens ready, notebooks open? Let’s begin!


  • Gamedev at ITMO: Latest Video Games by Master’s Students

    Game Development Technologies is a top-choice Master’s program at ITMO University that produces over 20 new game designers and programmers every year. In the program, students explore Unreal Engine and other gamedev technologies, as well as create their original games. Here are some of the projects developed by the program’s students.


  • ITMO’s Monday Science Roundup #37

    Twice a month, we invite you to take in the latest breakthroughs and successes of ITMO University’s students and scientists. Today, we’ve got plenty of research updates to share – as well as a couple of impressive success stories from our industrious graduates!


  • Gamedev Leader at Lesta Games Shares His Path From Programming to Gamedev

    As a university student, Danila Lychkin went from a programmer at a Moscow-based company to a  team lead at an international corporation but ultimately decided to quit his job to pursue gamedev instead. Now, he heads the gamedev department at Lesta Games and oversees the production of World of Warships. In this interview, the former programmer weighs in on how to quit everything to chase after your dreams – and succeed.


  • Two ITMO Teams Win Web3 Games Hackathon

    Teams Nutcrackers and Valhalla games shared the first place at a recent Web3 games Hack contest, with the first team taking home $1,500 and the second – $500. Both teams will make their games available on TON Play, Telegram’s gaming platform.  


  • Study to Play: ITMO, VK and MIREA University Launch New Game Design Course

    Starting now, students from ITMO and MIREA – Russian Technological University are able to join a course developed in collaboration with the gaming platform VK Play. The new discipline will cover all the basics of game design: from the assessment of design solutions to the evaluation of performance reviews. Best-performing students will have the chance to join the team at VK Play. 


  • Think Like an AI: ITMO Students Create a Game Where You Guess Words Using Artificial Intelligence Logic

    According to the rules, the word changes every day. In its first week, the game was downloaded by 31,000 individual users, while the project’s Telegram channel gained two thousand new subscribers. Version 2.0, released just a couple of days ago, was played 10 thousand times in the 24 hours since launch. Why is the game so popular, what inspired its creation, and what type of feedback are they getting – we discussed all of this with Michil Egorov, a fourth-year Bachelor’s student at ITMO’s Faculty of Infocommunication Technologies, team member at the Learning Analytics Center , and the game’s lead designer.