Last week, the top minds of ITMO and its industrial partners gathered to discuss the university’s new development model, the evolution of learning, and how education must adapt to new paradigms of the 21st century. The venue? None other than the future location of the high-tech campus and innovation center ITMO Highpark. The event was marked by the laying of the first stone on the construction site – a ceremony attended by the Governor of St. Petersburg and the Minister of Science and Higher Education.

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In a pleasing development for ambitious young specialists, the ITMO Accelerator has launched a new track, TechNet, aimed at supporting startups in the fields of photonics, IoT, and energy engineering, among others. The program will assist fledgling projects at every stage – from concept design to commercialization. The staff of the track includes experienced IP experts, investment specialists, startup mentors, as well as physicists and engineers. Applications can be submitted by September 21, 2023.

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The Russian system of higher education is not that complicated – but there are a few quirks you may find surprising or unusual. That’s why we’ve prepared a thorough guide on all the degree levels, from Bachelor’s to Doctor of Science, that you will encounter as a student of a Russian university. Whether you’re about to start your studies or only considering your options, we’re sure it’ll prove enlightening.

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For many, developing games for a living is a dream come true. Such is the case of numerous students in the Master’s program Game Development Technologies at ITMO. Our portal recently reached out to these young developers to learn about their upcoming projects, some of which you can already play in demo format! From an atmospheric puzzle to a hectic roguelike FPS, there is something to catch any gamer’s eye.

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