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  • ITMO University Hosts Virtual Smart-Up Camp 'Innovations for Smart Cities in BSR'

    The event took place as part of a project that aims to facilitate the development of the Baltic region in four fields: smart city, circular economy, climate change, and aging.


  • Door Into the Future: ITMO’s Academic Council Meeting at ITMO Highpark

    This year, ITMO’s Academic Council meeting took place in a new place and a new format. Right here, in the Pushkinsky District of St. Petersburg, is the future location of ITMO’s Highpark – an international level research, education and innovation center. In this ITMO.NEWS article, you will find out what ITMO Highpark will be like, how work on the project is conducted and how ITMO is planning to develop in the coming decade. 


  • ITMO Highpark: All About ITMO University's Cutting-Edge New Campus

    Today, St. Petersburg celebrates its birthday. 317 years ago, a city was founded in the north of Russia that would go on to become a global center of cultural and technological development. Today, in the south of the city, the Yuzhny satellite city is home to a new project that is expected to become a most powerful growth driver for the city and the nation. ITMO Highpark is a world-class research, education, and innovation center and the site of ITMO University’s second campus, as well as research centers, student dorms, and, in the longer term, a techno-valley and business park. In this article, we’ll look at the project’s history, stages of development, and timeline – its past, present and future – as well as which challenges this new innovation cluster will tackle.


  • First Phase of ITMO Highpark Unveiled to St. Petersburg Government

    A council of the St. Petersburg Government has reviewed the project of ITMO University’s second campus, which will be located in the satellite city Yuzhny, a part of the city’s Pushkinsky District. Vladimir Vasilyev, ITMO University’s Rector, and Daria Kozlova, its First Vice Rector, took part in the online video conference. According to the project, ITMO University’s second campus will make efficient use of social contact by providing a unified environment for studies, research, and living.  


  • Yuzhny Satellite City to Feature New Transport Hub

    A major transport hub included in the first stage of the development of the Yuzhny satellite city will streamline the passenger flow of all modes of public transport: buses, trains, and a new light rail tram line. The Yuzhny satellite city is a new district of St. Petersburg that will feature a comfortable urban environment and new attraction centers for the development of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Oblast. It is also the site of ITMO University’s new research and innovation campus ITMO Highpark.


  • First ITMO Highpark Objects Successfully Pass Public Hearings

    The ITMO Highpark JSC has successfully passed its first public hearings for the conditionally authorized use of a site for the construction of phase-one objects of the new science, education and innovations-focused center ITMO Highpark in St. Petersburg’s Pushkinsky District. This site will be used for the phase-one construction works, housing a study building, dormitories, research centers, and a sports and recreation center with a swimming pool. 


  • Micro-Mobility, Fiber Concrete, Nanomaterials: Students Propose Innovations for ITMO Highpark Campus

    A series of workshops on creating a comfortable territorial ecosystem of ITMO Highpark has recently kicked off in St. Petersburg. The first workshop brought together students of three St. Petersburg’s universities – ITMO University, St. Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering, and International Banking Institute, who discussed the project of ITMO Highpark’s future dormitory building in the brainstorming format. In the course of two days, the students had to come up with solutions that would facilitate the implementation of the project and reduce its cost. Young architects, engineers and economists presented their ideas, some of which can potentially reduce the cost of the project by several million rubles.


  • A Series of Workshops on ITMO Highpark’s Ecosystem Kicks Off in St. Petersburg

    The workshop “New materials and technologies for the creation of comfortable territorial ecosystem of ITMO Highpark” has kicked off at the Boiling Point (Tochka Kipenia) space of the International Banking Institute in St. Petersburg. Over the course of two days, its participants will brainstorm solutions for new innovative materials and technologies for building state-of-the-art campus dormitories south of the city as part of the ITMO Highpark project. ITMO.NEWS attended the workshop’s opening to find out what tasks are the participants set with, how the work will be conducted and what innovations can be introduced into the plan of ITMO Highpark as a result. 


  • ITMO Technopark and Highpark Launch Pre-Accelerator Program

    ITMO Technopark launched the Pre-accelerator educational program for St. Petersburg entrepreneurs. The course was created in collaboration with ITMO Highpark for the purpose of helping startupers in the early stages. In the course of three months, its participants will be testing their ideas, developing business models, finding consumers and creating the MVP, a minimum viable product for entering the market. Learn more in this article by ITMO.NEWS.


  • ITMO University Presents Its 2018 Annual Report

    We are happy to present you with ITMO University’s Annual Report for 2018. This year’s bright almanac is dedicated to the University’s relationship with St. Petersburg and contains the latest data on its achievements in the previous year and our plans till 2027.