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  • ITMO.EduLeaders Winners: Ekaterina Tyurikova on Her Career Path and Modern Teaching

    ITMO.NEWS presents a new series of publications about the winners of the ITMO.EduLeaders competition where they talk about themselves, their career paths, and the best practices. The first guest of the series is Ekaterina Tyurikova, a lecturer at ITMO’s Faculty of Energy and Ecotechnology, who spoke about her teaching style, attitude towards students, and gaming in education.


  • Best Projects by Participants of Online School by ITMO Avatar Developers

    In late November, the development team of ITMO Avatar conducted the online school Digital Services for Personal Assistants: Finances, Education, Gaming Industry” and organized a project contest following its results. Read about the best projects in this article by ITMO.NEWS.


  • Citizen Science: How to Contribute to Research From the Comfort of Your Home

    Citizen science is a global trend that has emerged in the recent decades. Today’s researchers often have to deal with the need to collect and process massive amounts of data. When machine learning algorithms can’t help, or when particularly thorough analysis is required, crowdsourcing comes to aid. And you don’t always need to be a specialist to take part: some projects are accessible to regular citizens or even children. In this article, we explore some of the ways you can contribute to scientific research from the comfort of your home.


  • Quests, Gamification and Simulators: ITMO Graduate Maksim Ivanov on New Education Formats

    ITMO alum Maksim Ivanov graduated with not one but two majors. His Specialist major focused on the field of information security, while his Master’s one was in “Technological Entrepreneurship and Development of Innovations”. Now, Maksim cooperates with his alma mater, creating unique educational projects from student courses to professional development programs for ITMO partners. In parallel, he runs commercial projects as part of his own business. In this interview with ITMO.NEWS, Maksim Ivanov shares how he, a former Mister ITMO and student of the university’s Military Department, found his calling in the creation of educational programs.


  • How Games are Changing Education

    One of the world’s largest educational events, ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) Conference & Expo, has recently taken place in the USA. Each year, more than 24 thousand participants attend the conference to learn about the latest educational technologies. One of the recent years’ biggest trends discussed at the ISTE Conference & Expo was the integration of games in education. But is it possible to create useful and effective educational content for mobile platforms while achieving the same level of polish as that of WoW or Fortnite?


  • Good Business: How Business Simulations Help Create Social Initiatives

    Graduates of the international Professional Fellows Program, together with ITMO University’s Entrepreneurship Center and the Leningrad Oblast Social Innovations Center, have conducted the Good Business simulation, aimed at developing sustainable models for socially-minded businesses. We spoke with the event’s creators and participants and learned how it works, why events of this kind are necessary, and which goals they accomplish.


  • SCAMT Member on New Approaches to Chemical Education

    Chemistry, physics, biology - these are the subjects that most students study through rote learning; only  few  of them actually develop a meaningful understanding of the general concepts and processes. Still, the problem here is not that some do have the aptitude for learning natural sciences and some don’t; it is more about the educational approaches used at most schools and universities. Mikhail Kurushkin, a new lecturer at ITMO’s Research and Educational Center of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, believes that we can and must change them. Mr. Kurushkin has developed interactive educational methods that are based on games,  schematic  representation of information, active communication and VR technologies. In an interview for ITMO.NEWS, he shared  about  his idea of a perfect educational process, and of how a proper approach to education can help master any field of science.


  • Gaming Your Way In Programming

    During the past several years, gamification of educational processes has become a trend in many areas. When getting ready for the Unified State Examinations or learning foreign languages, more and more students now prefer interactive forms to traditional textbooks. For this purpose, programmers create different platforms, but how can one learn programming in a similar manner? The answer is simple - the very same way, using platforms that allow to train certain skills in a game format. ITMO.NEWS would like to share about some of them.


  • Gamification: How to Learn the Periodic Table While Playing Battleship

    A game that does not only train social skills, but teaches science as well — is that not the golden mean everyone's looking for? Introducing gaming elements into the Russian educational system is deemed as something difficult and risky: teachers find it hard to manage students as it is, and with games they can totally get out of control! Yet, Maksim Ivanov, Master's student at the Faculty of Technological Management and Innovations, believes that won't happen as long as the games are right. He and his team develop educational games for companies and educational establishments, and are planning to launch a course on educational games for young teachers.