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  • ITMO and Gazprom Neft: Solutions Developed at Joint Innovative Industrial Center

    Last summer, ITMO and Gazprom Neft launched a world-class innovative industrial center in St. Petersburg. Now, researchers – including ITMO students – at the new facility are developing new materials, sensors, robots, and other solutions for the oil and gas sector. Read on for an insider peek at the center’s work.


  • Multiplying Talents Contest Concludes in St. Petersburg

    More than 3,000 school students of grades 8 to 11 from all across Russia took part in the competition. The participants competed in solving complex problems at the intersection of math, chemistry, computer science, and engineering. The victory was awarded to students from Tyumen, Megion, and Orenburg. Other finalists included participants from Moscow, St. Petersburg, the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug, and the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug. All finalists will receive bonus Unified State Exam points when applying to leading Russian technical universities (such as ITMO) and will be supported at the start of their future career.


  • Sustainable Chemistry For Energy Technologies: New Master’s Program With Gazprom Neft and Tatneft

    Students in the new program will learn about alternative energy sources, synthesize new materials, and develop cutting-edge technologies for the oil and gas industry. Implemented jointly with major oil producers Gazprom Neft and Tatneft, the new program will offer students the opportunity to work on the companies’ projects during their studies, as well as land positions in R&D departments of major enterprises upon graduation. ITMO.NEWS examines the benefits of the program.


  • Neftekod Team Proposes Solution for Longer-Lasting Roads in Russia

    On October 2, more than 150 participants from 15 Russian cities attended the Neftekod hackathon that gave a start to the series of joint events between ITMO University and Gazprom Neft’s Digital Downstream Accelerator. The hackathon was devoted to programming a formula for next-gen materials with greater flexibility and heat resistance that would pave the way for constructing more durable road surfaces. The event was supported by the Artificial Intelligence in Industry Association.


  • Gazprom Neft and ITMO Launch Center for High-Tech Chemistry

    A new research center of innovative chemistry has recently opened in St. Petersburg. The center is a joint project of Gazprom Neft and ITMO University that possesses 80 types of world-class equipment, including a laser particle size analyzer in both liquid and solid phases that can boost research in petrochemistry and ecology, as well as drilling and grouting solutions.


  • Gazprom Neft and ITMO University to Launch Joint Innovative Industrial Center

    The agreement signed between Gazprom Neft and ITMO University will result in the establishment of a new world-class innovative industrial center in St. Petersburg that will produce sensors, robots, drone control systems, computing systems, and other digital solutions for the oil and gas sector.


  • Gazprom Neft – New Corporate Partner of ITMO’s Software Engineering Master’s Program

    Together, ITMO University and Gazprom Neft will be training specialists in the field of software engineering. At the program, students will acquire a strong theoretical background and apply it in projects implemented by the program's new partner.


  • Applied AI Challenge: Winners’ Tips and New Opportunities for Participants

    Applied AI Challenge, an online hackathon in machine learning and data analysis, will launch at ITMO on May 17. This year, it is organized in partnership with Tochka Bank and Gazprom Neft’s Science and Technology Center. Winners will be able to enroll into Master’s programs Big Data Financial Technologies and AI in the Industry without exams. Read on to learn why you should participate in hackathons, how to take part in Applied AI Challenge, and what to expect from the contest. 


  • ITMO Launches New Master’s Program in Industrial AI

    AI in the Industry is a new Master’s program at ITMO University that will train sought-after professionals who can design, develop, and implement AI-based solutions in various industries. The program is implemented jointly with the university’s industrial partners, among which is Gazprom Neft’s Science and Technology Center. Such close ties with the industry will allow students to work on the company’s projects and join various R&D and analytics departments after their graduation. Who is it for and how can you apply? Here is everything you need to know about the program.


  • Energy Club ITMO: Competitions, Internships, and More

    Energy Club ITMO is a joint project between ITMO University and Gazprom Neft that offers students a chance to try themselves in the field of traditional and renewable energy under the guidance of practicing specialists and industry representatives. Read on to find out more about the club’s projects, how the club helps students develop their startups and get internships, and what you can do to join.