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  • ITMO Graduate Wins Young Female Entrepreneur of the Year Award

    Mariia Plotkina, a founder of Geek Teachers, became the winner of the International Young Female Entrepreneur of the Year Competition and received a $5,000 reward to develop her startup for training school teachers in new technologies.


  • Geek Teachers: ITMO University Graduate’s Project for Training School Teachers in New Technologies

    Having graduated from ITMO University in 2014, Maria Plotkina worked as a designer and, later, as a school teacher.  Over a year ago, together with her colleague, she established the project “Geek Teachers”, designed to reconcile the traditional school system with groundbreaking educational technologies. ITMO.NEWS met Maria to find out about her time at ITMO, her exciting work experience and projects, and why informal festivals in the glitter-loaded party format can make the education process at schools more open.