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  • Genome Analysis Shows Common Ancestry Among Pskov, Novgorod, Yakutia Populations

    Scientists have carried out the first-ever analysis of the full genome of representatives of Russia’s various ethnic groups. Using specialized software, they traced the development history of several of these groups. In the future, the resulting data can be used in other valuable research, such as in identifying genetic risk factors in various populations of Russian people. The results of this study were published in Genomics.


  • Genetic Testing: What Human Genome Tells Us About Ourselves

    It has been 15 years since the conclusion of the Human Genome Project, one of the 20th century’s major research projects. One of its consequences was the public availability of genomics methods. Today, anyone can take a genetic test to learn about their ancestry. We spoke to bioinformatics experts from ITMO University’s Computer Technologies Laboratory to learn how genetic testing works, its scientific significance, which methods are trustworthy, and which ones aren’t.