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  • Results of ITMO.FUTURE Contest Unveiled

    On December 10, projects submitted as part of the ITMO.FUTURE contest were presented at a final defense. A total of 22 projects made it to the final stage; their creators will receive monetary prizes for their contribution to the university’s development.


  • "Green Universities: Innovations and Best Practices" Conference: Students Go Green

    Every university in the world is visited by thousands of people every day. Apart from going to lectures and conducting research, these people eat, use computers and printers, wash their hands and the like. In cafeterias, people drink hundreds of liters of coffee and throw out thousands of disposable cups. But, can we stop this endless flow of litter and relieve the burden on the environment that we create? “Yes”, believe those who spent years on developing the "green university" concept. The best projects in this field were presented at the "Green universities: innovations and best practices" conference by representatives of major German and Russian universities.