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  • ITMO’s Monday Science Roundup #58

    It’s that time again – the time for our biweekly review of top reports from ITMO.NEWS. There’s plenty of ground to cover this week: we’ve got cutting-edge research by the Faculty of Physics, comprehensive explainers on AI and hacking courtesy of top experts, and two great new Bachelor’s and Master’s programs for ambitious students. Have a look!


  • Quiz: Movie Character or Real-Life Hacker?

    You know those gloomy guys in hoodies who sit in complete darkness and can hack into banks, government databases, and major corporations in under a minute? Movie hackers are often impressive, but their lives have very little to do with reality. And yet, some of the real-life cases are more exciting than the most adrenaline-fueled movie. Don’t believe us? Take our quiz and see if you can tell apart the world’s most prolific hackers from their silver-screen counterparts. 


  • ITMO Students Named Best Academic Team at Russian CTF Cup

    Last weekend, the Smart City pavilion of Moscow’s VDNKh hosted the final of the Russian national information security championship. The FaKappa team made up of students of ITMO's Faculty of Secure Information Technologies took second place, won the special nomination, and received prizes from Sberbank.


  • Student Spotlight: Rutendo Paul Midzi, Zimbabwe

    Paul has come a long way from getting phished to becoming an Information Security student. Nowadays, it is very common to get scammed by fraudsters online. But with proper awareness and education, these traps are easily avoided. We met together with Paul at one of ITMO’s coworking spaces and dove into topics like data privacy, ethical hacking, the dark web, and phishing. Read on to discover the highlights of our conversation.


  • Hacks, Viruses, and DDoS: Who Attacks Our Computers and How to Stop Them

    Every day, we produce plenty of data – writing texts, taking personal pictures, making online payments. All of that information can easily be hacked and stolen. What ways are there to prevent that? We dive into data security with Vlad Roskov, ITMO graduate and captain of a top competitive hacking team.


  • Results are In: Online Round of ITMO University’s CtF Competition CyBRICS Comes to an End

    More than 750 teams from around the world took part in the recent online round of CyBRICS, a large-scale computer security competition for participants from the BRICS countries: Brazil, India, China, South Africa, and Russia. As one of the event’s organizers, ITMO University will receive the winners of the qualifying round when they come to St. Petersburg in September to compete in the final round. The competition is developed and run by members of the SPbCTF community.


  • ITMO University Team Takes Third Place in RuCTF 2019

    At the end of April, the Russian city of Ekaterinburg hosted RuCTF, the biggest competition in the field of cybersecurity in Russia. The event brought together 28 teams from Russia, Germany, Switzerland and other countries, including a total of three teams from ITMO University, one of which took third place.


  • Winners of SPb School CTF-2018: How to Become a Successful Hacker When You're 11

    At the beginning of October, ITMO University hosted SPb School CTF-2018, an information security competition for school students. ITMO’s school team ITMO.KIDS consisting of 11th-grader Artem Zaglubotsky and seventh-grader Yuri Grishin took first place. In this interview with ITMO.NEWS, the winners share their stories of how they got into information security and started taking part in programming competitions.


  • ITMO Student Team Wins QCTF Starter Competition in Computer Security

    In late February, ITMO University became one of the 30 sites of the QCTF Starter competition. Each year, more than 300 teams from all around Russia take part in the event; this time, 43 teams competed at ITMO only. As result, one of ITMO student teams won the competition and took the first place in the national ranking. Lubov Yurtaeva, the team’s captain, speaks about the competition’s procedure and tasks, and training in hacking offered by ITMO’s SPbCTF team.


  • Canadian Experts Test ITMO Quantum Network

    From September 25 to October 6, a group of world-class experts in quantum hacking from the University of Waterloo (Canada), under the guidance of prof. Vadim  Makarov,  analyzed the security of the quantum network created by ITMO University. As result of a joint study, the researchers tested the system for potential vulnerabilities and offered ways to patch them, which is crucial to the practical introduction of the technology. Read our article to learn more about the work conducted at ITMO University, as well as the key prospects for the development of quantum communications in the nearest five years.