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  • KronBars: Leading the Way to a Healthier Lifestyle

    Life as a student can sometimes be quite stressful: spending your busy days in classrooms, labs and in search for internships takes its toll. But if you are a student or staff member at ITMO University, then you have a great opportunity to become a member of the Kronbars Sport Club, giving you access to over 50 sports to get your heartrate up and brighten your mood. We sat down with the club’s head Evgeny Raskin for details. 


  • Vaccines: Everything You Need to Know

    Recent years have seen an uptick in discussions concerning vaccines, their efficiency, and their safety. What are their side effects? Are there legitimate reasons to refuse them? How and why did the anti-vax movement form? The pediatrician Nikolai Komov, a proponent of evidence-based medicine and expert for Babyblog, answered these and other questions during the lecture “Vaccines: Conspiracy or Vision?” at the Mayakovsky Library.


  • First Summer School of International Project LIGHT4HEALTH

    From July 29 to August 2, 2019, the first summer school of the international project LIGHT4HEALTH will be held as part of the Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership program. The project’s consortium includes ITMO University (Russia), Thomas Jefferson University (the US), University of Wolverhampton (the UK), and three leading European schools in the field of light design: Aalborg University (Denmark), Hochschule Wismar (Germany) and KTH Royal Institute (Sweden). In line with the overall focus of LIGHT4HEALTH, the first summer school will be dedicated to harnessing the power of light to bring about a positive impact on human health.


  • Head of #Sektaspb Center on Using Research for Health and Fitness and Cooperation with Schools

    The internet abounds with headlines promising that you’ll get your beach bod in ten days if you squeeze in a certain type of exercise in your daily routine. Hundreds of websites superficially dedicated to health and beauty bombard us with articles on slimming down the right way. But all too often, this information is not supported by scientific research. ITMO.NEWS spoke with the head of #sektaspb Yulia Bardakova on how to develop a critical approach to popular guides on losing weight and caring for your body and why #Sekta, the organization her branch belongs to, has its own research department.


  • 6 Tips for a Healthy Summer

    The summer season is officially open, which means great weather, vacations, beaches, volleyball, swimsuits, picnics, and soaking in the sun, as well as tons of sugary sweet treats, heat, dehydration, and excessive sun exposure. Lucky for you, we’ve put together some tips that will help you stay healthy and happy this summer!


  • Vegetarian & Vegan St. Petersburg: Shops

    We’ve covered restaurants, we’ve covered cafes and street-food spots, and now it is health-food shops that we’ll be spilling the beans on. As the places all of us tend to frequent on a nearly-everyday basis, picking the right shop is something you can make the most difference with, both for personal well-being and the well-being of the planet. So here they are, the vegan-shop heroes of St. Petersburg, in all of their eco-friendly glory!


  • From Tour de France to the World Cup: Cryosaunas Developed at ITMO University

    The World Cup is nearing its conclusion and this Sunday, July 15, France, and  Croatia will face off in the final game. To recover from intense training, athletes use cryosaunas developed at ITMO’s Cryogenic Technology Department. ITMO.NEWS asked Alexander Baranov,  head of the department, about cryosaunas and cryotherapy’s effect on the human body.


  • M-Cube Project: Solution for Faster and Safer MRI

    Last year, an International Research Consortium, which includes ITMO University’s Center for Nanophotonics and Metamaterials, was awarded a European Horizon 2020 project. The M-Cube project unites scientific groups and companies from seven countries working on new antenna technology for 7T MRI. In the coming two years and a half, scientists plan to create a device which could be used to accelerate MRI. ITMO.NEWS talked to the scientists about the project and the results. Among the scientists who came to ITMO University were Dr. Redha Abdeddaim, an assistant professor at Aix-Marseille University – Institut Fresnel, one of the scientific coordinators of the project, Dr. Marc Dubois, a postdoc at Aix-Marseille University –  Institut Fresnel, and Dr. Julien de Rosny, a senior scientist at CNRS – Institut Langevin.


  • GTO: a Soviet Health and Sports Project Picks Up Speed

    Want to be healthy, fast and strong? Maybe even score in the next Football World Cup? Ok, that's a stretch - but over the summer, why not check out a sports program once popular in the Soviet Union and gaining ground today.


  • Bike Ride with the Rector: St. Petersburg Best Routes

    Yesterday marked the eighth time when ITMO’s students, staff  and  friends meet with Rector Vladimir Vasilyev for a picturesque bike ride in St. Petersburg’s seaside district. This time, just like last year, the route started at the entrance to Primorsky Victory Park, went through the park, St. Petersburg Arena Stadium, Yakhtenny Bridge and ended at the 300th Anniversary Park. ITMO.NEWS asked the participants about their favorite bike routes in the city and their impressions of the Ride.


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