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  • 2D into 3D: Optical Holography Founder Yuri Denisyuk and His Legacy

    Russian science was moved forward not only by great singular minds, but sometimes by dynasties of talented researchers. One such example is the dynasty started by one of the founders of optical holography, Yuri Denisyuk, whose name is still remembered both in Russia and abroad. His son, Igor Denisyuk, chose to follow in his footsteps: he has spent over 20 years working at ITMO, creating high-concentration nanocomposites as well as anti-counterfeiting holograms based on this technology. For this Russian Science Day, we talked with Igor Denisyuk about the path of a scientist, the rise of optical holography in Russia, and ways to develop succession in science.


  • Medical Discoveries That Changed the World

    How did discoveries that were made in the 20th century influence what we know about diseases? How can the discovery of DNA structure help us fight COVID-19? Olga Shestova, a physiologist, PhD, and author of the 30 Nobel Prizes: Discoveries That Changed Medicine book, gave an open lecture about the key scientific breakthroughs that had a huge impact on humankind. We summarized it for you.