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  • ITMO Helps Train Optical Systems Design Specialists in Collaboration with European Union

    ITMO University has successfully completed its participation in the ADOPSYS (ADvancedOPticalSYStemDesign) project, conducted as part of the European Union’s 7th Framework Programme’s Marie Curie international mobility fellowship. The project aims to train elite young specialists in the field of applied optics. Per the grant’s provisions, the university was to educate a European student on the design of applied optical systems. Project work was conducted at ITMO’s Research Laboratory for Computer-Aided Design of Optical-Information and Energy Saving Systems.


  • How an ITMO Student Helped Develop 5G Networks in EU

    Anton Gusarov, a PhD student at the High-Performance Computing Department, spent nearly three weeks working on the European Union’s project SILIKA as a visiting researcher at the Chalmers University of Technology. The project aims to establish a technological foundation for next-gen 5G mobile networks. Funded by the EC Horizon 2020 program, it involves scientists from Sweden, the Netherlands, and Belgium, as well as representatives of major companies.


  • ITMO University Won a Grant by Horizon 2020 for Smart City Development

    ITMO’s International Laboratory Modern Communication Technologies and their Applications for Economics and Finance — Fin Q became a winner of the Horizon 2020 grant. As full members of blo Tope projects Russian experts will cooperate with their European colleagues in the field of Internet of Things.