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  • Registration Opens for "I Am a Professional" Competition

    The official opening ceremony of the “I am a Professional” international student competition took place in Moscow on October 2. The third season of one of the key projects of the “Russia – the country of opportunities” platform was launched by last year’s winners in collaboration with First Deputy Chief of Staff of the Presidential Administration of Russia Sergey Kiriyenko. The contest is supported by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation. 


  • “I am a Professional” Winners on Challenges and Benefits of the Contest

    This year, the competition was held for the second time in a row. ITMO organized one of the winter schools and a number of educational tracks. The winners got the opportunity to be enrolled in Master's and Bachelor's programs of leading Russian universities without any additional exams. Those who had ITMO as their university of choice told us about the reasons behind it as well as the benefits of such student contests.


  • I am a Professional: Gold Medal Winners Share Their Experience

    Just recently, the award ceremony of the “I am a Professional” competition took place in Moscow. This year, 3,472 of over 500,000 students became prize winners. Over 100 participants received gold medals, including four ITMO students and one graduate. Apart from cash prizes, the winners got benefits for applying for Master’s and PhD programs as well as an opportunity to do internships at major companies. We spoke to the winners to learn why they participated in the competition, what helped them win, and how they plan to use their prizes.


  • I Am a Professional: Over 80 ITMO Students Become Diplomates of National Student Competition

    The results of the 2019 national student competition “I am a Professional” have just been announced. From a total of 500,000 students from all over Russia participating in this year’s competition, 3,472 became prize winners. This roll call of participants with the best results includes 80 ITMO University students, five of whom were even awarded gold medals. Diplomates of “I am a Professional” get admission perks when applying to Master’s and PhD programs at Russia’s leading universities, as well as an opportunity to partake in an internship at major companies.


  • On-Site Round of “I Am a Professional” Competition: Participants Share

    February 20 marked the final, on-site round of “I am a Professional”, a national competition for university students. ITMO University was one of the venues to host the three-hour contest. Participants of the “It’s Your Call!” winter school, which was held as part of the competition, and the final round of the competition itself, talked with ITMO.NEWS about their competition experience. Did they find the tasks difficult? Were their expectations fulfilled? Read on to find out. 


  • Helping Sleepwalkers, Fighting Excessive Snow and Ensuring Better Security on Campus: Best Projects by 2019 “It’s Your Call!” Participants

    “It’s Your Call!”, a winter school organized by ITMO University together with Sberbank, has just come to a close. Attending this year were 180 contestants of the five educational tracks (Programming and IT, Data- and Cybersecurity, Big Data, Robotics, and Photonics) of the national student competition “I am a Professional”. Over the course of five days, the students took part in project work to find a solution to topical social and infrastructural issues with the help of modern technologies. All project work topics went under the common banner of “campus life”. ITMO.NEWS reports on the projects that made it onto the winners’ podium. 


  • I am a Professional: Qualification Round Starts with Over Half a Million Participants in the Game

    The registration for this year’s national competition for students ‘I am a Professional’ kicked off on September 26 and ended on November 22. A total of 523,612 students submitted their applications, which is 78% more than the last year’s number of 295,000 participants. ‘I am a Professional’ offers its winners a golden opportunity of preferential access to Master’s and PhD programs of leading Russian universities, as well as an internship in a major company and a money prize. Having taken off on November 24, the competition’s qualification round will last all the way to December 9. 


  • Over 200 Students Register For "I am a Professional" Competition

    The registration for the "I am a Professional" competition started on September 26. Since then, the number of applications has exceeded the 200,000 mark. The event gives Russia's best students an opportunity to get benefits for applying to Master's and PhD programs at the country's leading universities, as well as compete for internships at major companies and cash prizes. The registration deadline is November 22.


  • ‘I am a Professional’ National Student Competition Takes Off

    Today marks the start of the registration process for the ‘I am a Professional’ national competition for students. For a second year in a row, students from all over Russia can try their hand at the competition’s challenges in a bid to win an internship in a major company, a money prize, and easy access to Master’s and PhD degrees in leading Russian universities. This year’s competition consists of 54 tracks, five of which are coordinated by ITMO University. 


  • MSU Student on Working in Different Laboratories and Doing Internship at ITMO

    Alexander Chezhegov, a third-year student at Lomonosov Moscow State University, Faculty of Physics, took part in the “I am a Professional” competition and the “It’s Your Call!” Winter School that was held at ITMO University last winter. His project focused on creating a hydrophobic coating for solar cells. In July 2018, he did an internship at ITMO’s International Research Center of Nanophotonics and Metamaterials, where he studied hybrid states of light in low-dimensional quantum materials. In his interview with ITMO.NEWS, he shared his experience of working in different research groups.


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