At the core of this year’s event are present-day IT issues, including the use of machine learning and neural networks in the industry, modern robotics challenges, competitive programming, and interview presentations. Selected participants of the I Am a Professional contest, 120 in total, will attend lectures and workshops by experts from ITMO University and such local tech giants as Sberbank, Yandex, and VK in the following topics: 

  • Neural networks and machine learning in the industry (speaker: Ivan Markov, the head of design at VK Tech);

  • AI technologies at Yandex (speaker: Alexander Krainov, the director for development of AI technologies at Yandex);

  • How to pick a startup name (speaker: Alexander Glazov, the head of the branding agency Glazov Branding and a lecturer at ITMO University);

  • AI trends (speaker: Anton Belousov, the head of development at Raft AI Labs);

  • The future of robotics (speaker: Vladimir Takh, the head of entertainment robotics at Sberbank).

During workshops, participants will be able to practice their hard and soft skills: they will learn to process sensory data in robotics apps, solve competitive programming tasks, as well as find out how to ace an interview and get a job at Sberbank, and manage their time and stress efficiently. Students will also have the chance to tour laboratories and enterprises of the partner companies, including Yandex, Dr. Web, Rostelecom-Solar, Geoscan, and Selectel.

Apart from the workshops, the event will feature a case championship, in which 15 teams will need to design an assessment algorithm within 10 hours. The teams will be guided by mentors. The task is offered by Sberbank. 

This year, the forum, held as part of the I Am a Professional contest, received applications from 418 candidates from 21 regions and 42 universities, with only 120 being selected for the event. Last year, the event brought together more than 100 students from all over Russia.