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  • ITMO University Presents Projects on Ecology of Big City and Baltic Sea Day International Forums

    The forums displayed two ITMO projects: “Business in biotechnology and circular economy” and “Pskov power station as the center of ecotechnologies and industrial symbiosis in Russia”.


  • ITMO PhD Student Develops Unique MRI Device and Wins All-Russian Contest

    The contest of research projects by young scientists took place as part of the Science of the Future – Science of the Youth forum organized by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation. Evgeny Koreshin, a PhD student at ITMO’s Department of Physics and Engineering, took first place in the Medicine and Pharmacology category.


  • ITMO Students Discuss the Forums They Attended This Summer

    Every year, ITMO University students attend summer schools, conferences, and forums both in Russia and abroad. Although in 2020 many events were canceled, or the number of participants was limited, some ITMO University students still managed to attend several forums. ITMO.NEWS asked them about their experience.


  • Third Forum of Science Communicators: Responsibility and Challenges in Science Journalism

    On June 28, the Third Forum of Science Communicators was held at ITMO University. Organized with the support of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, the event became a platform for discussion and exchange of experience among science journalists, science popularizers, scientific press officers and researchers of science and technologies. Among the speakers were leading national and international experts in the field of science communication, including the prominent journalist and scientist Michele Catanzaro, who spoke about the challenges of science journalism, the latter’s responsibility to society and paths for development. 


  • Best Science Communicators Awarded at ITMO University

    On June 28, the Association for Communication in Education and Science (AKSON) announced the most successful science communicators in Russia. Among the awardees are the staff of the National Research University Higher School of Economics and the authors of the Chrdk educational project. The awards ceremony was held at ITMO University as part of the third Forum of Science Communicators.


  • ITMO University at the Science of the Future – Science of the Youth Forum

    Last week, the Sirius Park of Science and Art (Sochi) hosted the 4th All-Russian Forum Science of the Future – Science of the Youth, as well as the 3rd International Conference Science of the Future, which brought together over 600 Russian and international researchers, including a group of ITMO University students and department heads. Read on to learn more about the highlights of the forum.


  • ITMO University Will Host 3rd Forum of Science Communicators

    On June 28, 2019, the third Forum of Science Communicators will be held in St. Petersburg. Supported by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, the event will become a platform for discussion and experience exchange between science journalists, science communicators, as well as media relations officers and researchers. This year’s forum will bring together both Russian and international experts in the field of science communication, who will discuss professional and ethical standards in science journalism, the development of the international scientific community, and many other questions. Among the highlights of the event will be the awards ceremony for the Communication Laboratory 2019 award for the best science communication department among Russian scientific organizations, and the Rusnano Russian Science Writer of the Year award for the best science journalist.


  • Urban Change Week in St. Petersburg

    On March 27, ITMO University announced its participation in the organization of Urban Change Week, one of the biggest events in the field of urban studies both in St. Petersburg and Russia. At a press conference at the Russian News Agency TASS, St. Petersburg’s Vice Governor Evgeniy Elin, ITMO University Rector Vladimir Vasilyev and other participants discussed the key tasks and topics of the upcoming event.


  • Future of NTI Centers Discussed at NTI Ecosystem Forum in Sochi

    On December 6-7, the Russian city of Sochi hosted the forum ‘Ecosystem of the NTI: Strategy of the Future’. Over 300 representatives of the NTI (National Technology Initiative) community, including those from ITMO University, gathered to discuss long-term plans and new projects, as well as to recap on this year’s developments and recognize the achievements of the community members. Russia’s scientific and technological development in the coming years was the main topic of the forum.


  • That Blockchain Life: Cryptocurrency Experts on Field’s Challenges and Opportunities

    On November 7-8, St. Petersburg hosted Blockchain Life, the biggest international forum on blockchain, cryptocurrency, and mining in Russia and Eastern Europe. Representatives of top companies gathered at the St. Petersburg Expoforum to discuss contemporary challenges facing the industry. What staggers its development? How will the field be regulated in Russia? Why are talented developers leaving for Singapore? ITMO.NEWS put down the keynotes of the event’s presentations.