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  • It’s Your Call: The 7th Educational Forum Kicks off at ITMO University

    On April 1-5, ITMO University will host It’s Your Call! – a forum, where the participants of the I Am a Professional contest will discover top AI trends, try their hand at solving robotics and competitive programming problems, practice their interview skills, and even solve a real-world task from the forum’s general partner – Sberbank.


  • Researchers Roll Out AI-Powered Assistant for Professional Use

    Specialists from ITMO University and Tatneft designed a generative AI-based service, called Akela, that can provide professional consulting in Russian in a specific field by retrieving answers from the corporate database.


  • It’s Your Call: Highlights of the Sixth Educational Forum at ITMO

    On April 17, the sixth annual educational forum It’s Your Call! kicked in at ITMO. Aimed at the participants of the I Am a Professional contest, the event features lectures and workshops by experts from ITMO, Sberbank, and Yandex on IT, cybersecurity, robotics, machine learning, programming, and controlling drones. The participants will also learn to combine research and cutting edge technologies in their own startups. The event is organized in partnership with Sberbank.


  • ITMO to Host It’s Your Call! Educational Forum: What to Expect

    On April 17-21, ITMO will welcome the educational forum It’s Your Call! for the sixth year in a row. The event is organized for the participants of the student contest I Am a Professional: there, they attend lectures and workshops on IT, product development, programming, robotics, and startups, as well as prepare for job interviews. The forum’s general partner is Sberbank.


  • Student Functional Athletics League To Appear in Russia

    At the ninth forum on topical issues in student sports, held on December 1-2, Sergey Seyranov, the President of the Russian Student Sports Union, and Alexey Barymov, the president of the Functional Athletics Federation, signed an agreement establishing a Student Functional Athletics League and thus introducing this sport into the curriculum of Russian universities.


  • Russia To Introduce a Register of Student Sports Clubs

    A unified state register of student sports clubs will appear in Russia, following the agreement signed by Evgenii Raskin, ITMO’s Vice Rector for Youth Policy, Sergey Seyranov, the President of the Russian Student Sports Union, and Evgenia Bychkova, the Executive Director of the Association of Student Sports Clubs of Russia, at the ninth national forum on topical issues concerning student sports.


  • ITMO Students Develop Smart Armband for Monitoring Hospital Patients

    Medsled, a team from ITMO University, has developed a concept of a smart armband for monitoring the condition of hospital patients. Unlike its competitors, the new solution doesn’t have a screen and can transport data directly into a medical information system. The concept won the Smart Medical Technologies hackathon held by the university at the recent St. Petersburg International Health Forum. Read on to learn more about this and other solutions developed by ITMO students, including a fundus camera, a portable electromyograph, and another smart armband.


  • ITMO to Host It’s Your Call! Educational Forum

    On September 12-16, ITMO will host the It’s Your Call! educational forum for participants of the I Am a Professional contest. At the event, supported by Sberbank, students will be able to boost their soft and hard skills, as well as attend lectures hosted by representatives of tech companies.


  • The Future of Higher Education Conference: ITMO Rector Vladimir Vasilyev on Strong AI and Personalized Learning

    On June 8, Moscow hosted the 10th annual university forum The Future of Higher Education organized by the agency RAEX Analytics. The event was attended by Vladimir Vasilyev, the Rector of ITMO University, who took part in a plenary discussion devoted to the changes in current geopolitical and economiс climate. Dr. Vasilyev stated that artificial intelligence is one of the key potential drivers of reform in education.


  • Best Practices and Innovative Projects: Recap of National Student Sports Forum at ITMO University

    On December 2-4, ITMO University hosted the VIII National Forum devoted to the topical issues of further development of student sports in Russia. The opening speech was delivered by Grigory Gurov, the deputy minister of Science and Higher Education. The conference brought together the representatives of the Russian Ministry of Science and Higher Education, the Russian Student Sports Union, the Association of Russian Student Sports Clubs, and rectors of various Russian universities to discuss the county’s priorities in student sports and ways to develop student sports leagues and clubs. Here are the highlights from the meeting.