This year, the forum will pay special attention to current IT trends, such as machine learning, AI, video games, and natural language processing (NLP). Moreover, the event will feature many activities focused on career building, compiling a CV, and networking in IT. The 120 participants of the forum will also have the chance to attend lectures by experts from ITMO and such companies as Yandex, Sberbank, and VK: 

  • Alexey Begayev, the director of Eshelon - Severo-Zapad, will talk about breakthrough ideas that can change the future; 
  • Lidia Perovskaya from VK’s Developer Relations will share the ins and outs of a career in IT;
  • Alexander Krainov, director for Development of Artificial Intelligence Technologies at Yandex, will show how companies use AI; 
  • Alexander Kapitonov, the dean of ITMO’s Faculty of Infocommunication Technologies, will introduce students to the world of cryptocurrency and distributed technologies;
  • Andrey Anfinogenov, the dean of the Faculty of Technological Management and Innovations, will talk about ITMO’s entrepreneurial culture;
  • Andrey Karsakov, the head of the Game Development Technologies Master’s program, will explain what it means to develop a game; 
  • Sviatoslav Oreshin, the head of ITMO’s Learning Analytics Center, will use examples to demonstrate the building of flexible personalized education.

ITMO students will also take part in the forum. They will share what they are currently developing and how they manage to bring their projects to life. Moreover, the forum’s participants will be able to take tours of the university’s labs, research centers, and partner companies to learn more about ITMO’s research opportunities. Additionally, participants will learn how to join the university’s research and educational initiatives, take part in academic mobility, or enroll in ITMO’s Master’s and PhD programs.

The forum will also include various business games and training sessions where, guided by mentors, participants will be able to test their skills in robotics, tech entrepreneurship, data and cybersecurity, as well as soft skills.

It’s Your Call! is a part of the educational track of the I Am a Professional student contest. This year marks the fifth time in a row that the event is held at ITMO and, as usual, the forum is also supported by Sberbank. Last year, the event brought together around 150 talented school students from all over the country.