Traditionally designed for I’m a Professional contestants, the joint educational program of ITMO University and SberBank annually brought together over 200 finalists of the contest’s qualifying stage. This year, the educational forum will take place on May 11-15. The program will be available online for all participants who have registered for the event before May 10

Online events for registered participants

On May 11, seven experts from SberBank, Yandex, and ITMO University will speak about the pandemic and what impact it had on the world of IT. 

  • The event will open with a lecture on current trends in machine learning by Tatiana Shavrina, a team lead of SberBank’s AGI NLP, who is engaged in neural network models and innovations in the field of natural language processing and artificial intelligence.
  • Then, Evgeny Kuznetsov, the CEO of Orbita Capital Partners and the former general director of the Russian Venture Company, will deliver a talk on technological entrepreneurship. 
  • Sergey Kolyubin, a professor at ITMO’s Faculty of Control Systems and Robotics, will make an online presentation on applying the technologies of robotics and artificial intelligence to robots.
  • Ilya Irkhin, the head of the Machine Learning and Data Analysis Department at Yandex, will share how this company uses machine learning technologies in its platforms: Yandex.Taxi, Yandex.Eats, and Yandex.Lavka. 
  • Dmitry Vinichenko, the research leader in SberBank’s Risk Modeling and Research, will make a report on modern methods for temporal data: transactions, clickstream, and others. 
  • Dmitry Bugaychenko, a chief data scientist at SberBank’s Retail business department, will share real cases of using AI in banking services and infrastructure.
  • Leonid Zhukov, the senior manager of SberBank’s Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, will talk about research activities in the field of AI. 

The full program and registration form are available on the official website of the online forum. 

Offline events for the competition’s participants

Participants of the I’m a Professional contest will be able to take part in the on-site program of the event on May 11-15. It is designed for students with a strong interest in machine learning, robotics, information and cybersecurity, and programming. One of the innovations introduced in 2021 is a new track – Technological Entrepreneurship. 

Students will have the chance to attend lectures by keynote speakers, take part in various workshops, visit the best IT companies, and master a project-oriented approach for dealing with both conventional and unconventional tasks.

Special attention will also be paid to teamwork. Mentors will offer participants to try to solve relevant problems and thus improve their knowledge in subject areas. Meanwhile, workshops on generating new ideas, creative thinking, and other soft skills will help them develop projects of the future that can now become a reality. The forum’s general partner is SberBank.