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  • The Internet is Aging Fast: Yandex’s Grigory Bakunov on 2020’s Tech Trends

    Throughout last week, ITMO hosted the events of the “I am a Professional” competition’s Winter School. 180 students from 43 Russian regions came to this educational program that was organized by ITMO in collaboration with Sberbank. On its first day, Grigory Bakunov, director of technology distribution at Yandex, gave a lecture on trends that will affect business and technologies in the near future.


  • ITMO Grad and AI Factory Co-Founder Greg Tkachenko: Startups Are the Cure for Burnout

    Greg Tkachenko graduated with a Master's degree from ITMO University's Information Technologies and Programming Faculty in 2017, but he achieved his first professional successes while still a student. As a second-year student, Greg, along with a few other students of the Computer Technologies Department, was invited to take part in an internship at Yandex, where he spent almost two and a half years. Then, he received offers from Group and Facebook, which he turned down to work on the startup AI Factory, which he co-founded with Alexander Mashrabov and Victor Shaburov. In December 2019, the company was acquired by Snapchat’s parent company Snap for $166 million. Greg Tkachenko sat down for a chat with ITMO.NEWS and told us where to find ideas for your tech startup and how to deal with failure.


  • Vladimir Vasilyev to Join Yandex’s Public Interest Foundation

    In mid-November, the Yandex Board of Directors reached the decision to restructure its corporate management model by establishing a non-profit Public Interest Foundation. Among others, this organization will include representatives of five Moscow- and St. Petersburg-based universities. ITMO University will be represented by Vladimir Vasilyev.


  • ITMO University Representative to Be Part of Yandex Public Interests Foundation

    Yandex is transforming its managing structure by creating a non-profit Public Interests Foundation that will be able to affect the company’s strategic decisions. The new council will include representatives of the company’s leading universities that have long been collaborating with Yandex on various projects, including ITMO University, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Higher School of Economics, Lomonosov Moscow State University and St. Petersburg State University. This non-profit foundation is to be approved at the shareholder meeting on December 20. 


  • Nanoblogging, Twitter Reincarnation and Instagram-Archives Monetization: Founder of Hello blogger On Current Digital Trends

    In 2019, there are over 500 million blogs on the Internet, with a new post published every 0.5 seconds and read by 77% of all internet users, according to data provided by 99firms. How hasthe blogosphere changed over the last five years? Why is YouTube becoming more and more like TV while we are getting used to non-stop content consumption? And can you make a living from a blog without millions of followers? All the latest blogging trends, as well as predictions and expectations in the field were covered in a lecture by Tatiana Ivanova, the founder and CEO of the Hello blogger group. It has only been operating for eight years, but it has already organized more than 2,000 advertising campaigns and over 30 events ranging from Vidfest to VKfest. The lecture was part of ITMO’s Marketorium Forum and here are some of its highlights. 


  • Yandex Product Marketing Director Andrey Sebrant’s Top Book Recommendations

    Andrey Sebrant, the Product Marketing Director at Yandex, lets us in on some of his recommendations for books to read if you’d like to learn more about IT and new technologies.


  • Yandex Zen: A User’s Manual

    From VK to Twitter and Facebook, the internet offers a multitude of platforms to promote products on. One of the relative newcomers on the rise in the product promotion game is Yandex Zen, a brainchild of the Russian internet giant Yandex. As of now, the service posts some 40 million users a month and comes up tenth in the amount of traffic compared to other digital platforms. Participating in the annual conference Digital Spring, Timur Ugulava, operations director at the Mediasphere corporate group, and Irina Filippova, Mediasphera’s lead SMM specialist, shared their insights into how to use the service’s tools to achieve effective communication with potential clients.


  • WiDS Conference: How Data Science Helps Do Business and Identify Rare Diseases

    The main goal of the Women in Data Science international conference is to create a platform for experience exchange between successful women, establishing communications in the industry and consolidating their community. The idea originated at Stanford University, and now the event takes place in more than 150 places all over the world. On March 9, WiDS took place in St. Petersburg at the Higher School of Economics with speakers from such companies as Yandex, Biocad, etc. ITMO.NEWS put down the bullet points.


  • Yandex Director of Marketing Andrey Sebrant: We’re Living in the Age of Implementation

    On December 18, the Winter School “It’s Your Call!”, organized by ITMO University and Sberbank, began its second season. 180 bachelor and Master’s students from all over Russia joined each other in St. Petersburg. On the first day, Andrey Sebrant – Yandex company’s Director of Product Marketing – welcomed the students and shared some advice on how not to get lost on one’s journey into the future.


  • Yandex Product Manager Anna Lopatukhina: on Scrum, Agile and Trying New Things

    Scrum is a project management framework that has become extremely popular in the recent years. ITMO alumna Anna Lopatukhina uses it in her work as a product manager at Yandex.Realty. Speaking with students as part of her recent visit to the university, she explained how her team uses Scrum and why one’s university years are the perfect time to develop a startup. Here’s what she shared:


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