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  • ITMO & Yandex Education Launch Free Intensive Course in IT for Students

    A two-week intensive study camp in industrial software development will be held in St. Petersburg from June 24 to July 6. At lectures delivered by experts from ITMO and Yandex Education, participants will delve into the architecture and infrastructure of highload systems, information security, and DevOps. Each participant will work on tasks tailored to their level and receive a certificate of completion upon successfully solving the final case. Applications are accepted until May 1. 


  • Recap of IT_Conf 3.0: Careers in IT, AI in Business and Cybersecurity

    What does the future hold for the IT sector? What role will AI play in it? And what does it take to thrive in IT today? At this year’s IT_Conf, experts from SberMarket, Yandex, VK, HeadHunter, MTS, Tinkoff, and ITMO covered these and other questions in great detail. Here are the highlights of the event.


  • New Opportunities at ITMO Accelerator: 400,000-ruble Grants and More Partners

    ITMO Accelerator helps young entrepreneurs develop their projects from ideas to first revenue through courses on business strategy and marketing, mentorship, and opportunities to communicate with potential investors. This year, the Accelerator expanded its partner network, adding Uralsib, Investment and Venture Fund of the Republic of Tatarstan, Gazprom Neft, and Netology. Thanks to these partners, participating projects can be reviewed by major players on the market, as well as get a chance for financial support.


  • YAC/e Conference: AI Ethics and Why IT Needs Humanities

    Several years ago, some of Russia’s major companies and universities, including ITMO University, signed the AI Ethics Code – a set of voluntary principles and rules designed to create an environment for ethical development of AI technologies. How should specialists cope with gray areas when creating novel products? What do developers need to know besides the technologies themselves? And why are humanities essential for AI? These questions were discussed by experts from ITMO, Yandex, and the European University at St. Petersburg during Yandex’s major educational conference YAC/e.


  • YAC/e Conference: Why Corporations Start Their Own Universities

    Businesses are becoming increasingly involved in higher education, with some companies even establishing their own universities. Is corporate EdTech becoming a threat to higher education? What does the perfect university-industry collaboration look like? Opinions from Yandex, Sberbank, VK, and Tinkoff insiders were shared during a discussion as part of YAC/e, the major educational conference organized by Yandex. The discussion was moderated by Daria Kozlova, ITMO University’s First Vice Rector and director for education at Yandex.


  • Leading Russian Universities and EdTech Companies Launch Association for Online Higher Education

    Announced during a topical online meetup on November 2, the new organization brings together the companies Netology, Skillfactory, Skillbox and universities that implement online Bachelor’s and Master’s programs: ITMO, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Higher School of Economics, Financial University, and the Institute of Business Studies of RANEPA. Among the association’s main goals is to expand the market of educational services and develop high-quality educational programs.


  • One App For Everything: All You Need To Know About my.itmo

    Sign up for courses, create your schedule, check your grades, and much more – my.itmo (also on Android and iOS) lets you do it all. The all-in-one app was created by ITMO students and graduates with the use of Yandex Cloud technologies. Find out more about ITMO’s go-to digital assistant in this article. 


  • ITMO's 2023 Master's Admissions Campaign Results

    ITMO University has summarized the interim results of the admissions campaign for Master's programs in 2023. The university saw a 20% rise over last year in the number of students applying for tuition-free positions, with a total of 13,000 applications received. ITMO’s joint programs with industry leaders were the biggest hit among the applicants – the competition reaching 14 people per position for the one co-created with Yandex.


  • Yandex Cloud Boost Approved: Top Projects of ITMO Accelerator Demo Day 2023

    Every year, around 50 projects go through the ITMO Accelerator before presenting their results at Demo Day. From last year on, the creators of the best projects receive a 400,000-ruble grant and a free subscription to Yandex services from Yandex Cloud Boost. More on this year’s winners below.


  • Computer Science Contests for School Students: A Guide

    Participating in computer science and programming competitions can become your shortcut for getting into the university of your dreams – even in such a highly competitive field as IT. How do you go about choosing the best contest for you? And how do you prepare for one? Here’s a guide we’ve compiled with experts from ITMO and Yandex Textbook.