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  • ITMO Alumnus & YADRO Engineer On Developing Systems-on-Chips in Russia

    Six years ago, Viktor Ovchinnikov graduated from ITMO with a Master’s degree. Since then, he’s worked in various fields at companies like Arrival and Electrolux, where he developed an electric bus and security systems for the Internet of Things (IoT). Now, Viktor is a senior engineer in systems-on-chips programming at YADRO. In this interview, he shares tips for transferring from embedded development to other fields and sheds light on the industry of systems-on-chips. 


  • Gamedev Leader at Lesta Games Shares His Path From Programming to Gamedev

    As a university student, Danila Lychkin went from a programmer at a Moscow-based company to a  team lead at an international corporation but ultimately decided to quit his job to pursue gamedev instead. Now, he heads the gamedev department at Lesta Games and oversees the production of World of Warships. In this interview, the former programmer weighs in on how to quit everything to chase after your dreams – and succeed.


  • Head of Product Management at VK Cloud Viktor Konoplev on Career in IT and the Future of Cloud Technologies

    After his graduation from ITMO, Viktor Konoplev had the chance to work on a virtual dedicated server (VDS) for the IT company Timeweb, launch various delivery options at VkusVill (a Russian food retail chain – Ed.), and build a private multipurpose cloud service at VK Cloud. In this interview, Viktor, who is currently developing IT solutions for business at VK, speaks about his first failures, win-win solutions for businesses and teams, and the future of cloud technologies.


  • Student From China on Why Choose Russia and ITMO

    Born and bred in Heihe, Xiaobo Li has been studying Russian virtually since he was a kid. By the end of school, he set his heart on studying in Russia. His desire to visit a foreign country and master information technologies brought him to ITMO where he got a Bachelor’s degree in humanities and IT and is currently pursuing his Master’s in digital transformation strategies and technologies. In this interview, Xiaobo Li shared his studying experience with ITMO.NEWS.


  • New Master’s Program by ITMO and YADRO: Learn to Build Your Own Programming Languages

    ITMO University and the YADRO company have launched a new corporate Master’s program – Tools for Software Development and Analysis. There, students will learn to create multifunctional developer tools, including code analyzers, fuzzers, IDEs and their components, such as debuggers and profilers. What’s more, graduates will be competent enough to develop new programming languages and their compilers.


  • New Master’s Program by ITMO and VK to Train Web Service Developers

    Admissions are open to the Distributed Web Services Master’s program, implemented by ITMO’s Institute of Applied Computer Science in collaboration with VK Education. Graduates will specialize in developing fault-tolerant distributed systems. The program will be of interest for applicants with a fundamental IT education.


  • ITMO Graduates’ Salaries in IT Ranked Among Highest in Russia

    SuperJob, a Russian job-hunting platform, has published its annual ranking of Russian universities according to the size of salaries earned by graduates in the IT industry. ITMO climbed from third to second place in the federal ranking and retained its leading position among the universities of St. Petersburg. Moreover, this year, ITMO graduates experienced the biggest salary increase among their peers from other Russian IT universities.


  • Computer Science Contests for School Students: A Guide

    Participating in computer science and programming competitions can become your shortcut for getting into the university of your dreams – even in such a highly competitive field as IT. How do you go about choosing the best contest for you? And how do you prepare for one? Here’s a guide we’ve compiled with experts from ITMO and Yandex Textbook.


  • 10 Unique Master’s Programs You Can Study at ITMO

    ITMO is the only university in Russia where you can train to be a science communicator, develop services for the visually impaired, or become an infochemist. In fact, there are 10 Master’s programs at the university that will equip you with a unique set of interdisciplinary skills that’s unattainable at any other institution in the country. Explore them with this digest.


  • Study From Anywhere With ITMO University’s 7 Online Master’s Programs

    Want to study at a university while traveling around the world? As part of ITMO’s online Master’s programs, you can be trained by leading industry experts while listening to lectures whenever and wherever you want. In 2023, admissions are open for seven programs in fields which include IT, engineering, chemistry, and product design. To find out about how to apply, keep reading.