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  • How to Find Your Path in IT and Land Your First Job

    In a recent report, career marketplace Dice revealed that the top three most in-demand specialists in the first half of 2022 were software engineer, data engineer, and data analyst. How can you find your career path in IT among dozens of jobs you can do? What can you do to prepare for your first job in the field as a student or as an experienced professional transferring from another career? These questions were discussed by IT and recruiting experts at Yandex’s Yet another Conference on Education. Read on for their tips and advice.


  • ITMO Named Best Russian University in Training IT Professionals

    This was revealed in the results of the ranking compiled by Russoft, an association of Russian software developers, based on a survey among IT companies who consider universities as suppliers of trained professionals. A total of 147 universities were included in the ranking.


  • Highlights of National PROF-IT Forum: Helping School Students Define Their IT Futures

    What is the best way to offer career advice to school students? Participants of the workshop on current problems in IT training have offered their solutions at the tenth national PROF-IT forum. Over 60 school and university students, lecturers, educators, and representatives of IT companies attended the event.


  • It’s Your Call: 100+ Young Talents Join Fifth Annual Forum at ITMO

    At this year’s annual event, experts from such top Russian companies as Sberbank, Yandex, and VK shared their insights into career-building in IT and the future of technologies with some of the country’s brightest students, participants of the I Am a Professional contest. The event was supported by Sberbank. Over the week-long forum, students attended interactive lectures, workshops, and games on programming, robotics, cybersecurity, soft skills, and other topics. Read on for the highlights of It’s Your Call!


  • ITMO to Host It’s Your Call! Educational Forum

    On September 12-16, ITMO will host the It’s Your Call! educational forum for participants of the I Am a Professional contest. At the event, supported by Sberbank, students will be able to boost their soft and hard skills, as well as attend lectures hosted by representatives of tech companies.


  • ITMO Launches State-Supported Continuous Professional Development Courses in AI

    In collaboration with University 20.35, the Russian Ministry of Economic Development and other universities, ITMO has launched online courses for professional training in AI which will allow ITMO students, graduates, and staff to learn more about analytics, predictive modeling, and AI architecture. A major part of each student’s tuition fee (up to 85,000 rubles) will be covered by the government.


  • Outcomes of IT Conf International Women’s Day

    IT Conf International Women’s Day took place at ITMO University on April 15-16. The event is annually held in over 75 countries under the aegis of the Women Techmakers community. It aims to highlight the problems of gender and cultural diversity in the digital industry, inspire women for career advances, and help students make their first moves in IT.


  • “Don’t Wait Till Someone Notices You” – ITMO Graduate Andrey Guk on Building a Career and Reaching Your Goals

    Andrey Guk started working at OBIT, the federal company behind the biggest free Wi-Fi network in St. Petersburg, as a sales manager, then gradually rising to the positions of business director and CEO. Over the years, together with his team he brought to life many ambitious projects, including making Peterhof the first public park in Europe to offer free internet access to its visitors. We asked him what’s behind his success and how to make smart career decisions – read on, to find out his answers. 


  • ITMO Graduate Maksim Latkin on His Experience of Working as a Systems Engineer

    When Maksim Latkin was still a student at ITMO University, he started to work at Selectel, a leading IT infrastructure provider in Russia. During the next four years, he went from being an intern to working as a systems engineer. ITMO.NEWS met with him to discuss his favorite university courses, working at a large IT company while being a student, and the advantages of being an engineer.


  • IT Careers: Veeam Developer on How to Do a Test Task and Get a Job Offer

    Mikhail Bryksin, an ITMO graduate and a Veeam developer, frequently assesses candidates' test tasks. ITMO.NEWS talked to him to learn more about useful hacks, tips, and details to pay attention to when applying for a developer job.