The new contest will welcome students of Russian universities and vocational schools. Participants will have to demonstrate their knowledge of ready-made solutions and automation tools, as well as skills in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and adaptive design when solving real-world industry tasks.

HTML Academy’s criteria will help identify the strongest and most motivated participants, while Yandex will evaluate the provided solutions using a set of criteria of their own. Finally, ITMO University will check the accuracy of submitted projects and evaluate them from a scientific point of view. 

“This frontend development contest is a one-day tournament where participants will be solving actual industry tasks, rather than completing singular puzzle-like assignments. At this event, we will be able to discover hidden young talents and make them available for all businesses – big and small. This way, we will significantly boost the influx of new developers and launch their growth from mid-level experts to senior specialists. The contest’s tasks are designed to uncover the prowess of our participants, while their solutions will be evaluated using the standard in-house criteria of IT companies,” shared Alexander Pershin, the head of HTML Academy.

Partnering IT companies will receive the results of all participants and the lists of winners in the contest’s two categories. 

“In 2023, ITMO University started collaborating with HTML Academy within the Master’s program Web Technologies, which, thanks to the partnership, acquired a stronger curriculum with courses focused on developing web applications using frontend frameworks React and Vue. Our collaboration is now expanding with this contest, where our joint expertise will help select promising talented students and specialists for leading IT companies, as well as evaluate their competencies, pinpointing paths to improving our approaches in training the next generation of web developers,” explained Ilya Gosudarev, an associate professor at ITMO’s Faculty of Software Engineering and Computer Systems. 

Ilya Gosudarev. Credit: ITMO University

Ilya Gosudarev. Credit: ITMO University

The event will take place online on February 18 and is open to students of universities and vocational schools, including Master’s and PhD-level students, as well as graduates with experience in frontend development. Applications will remain open until February 17; there are no participation fees.