Finding the proper specialists for a new startup may be challenging for aspiring entrepreneurs, especially if done manually. IT majors at ITMO University face similar difficulties when browsing through job and internship offers in the university’s small chats and groups – it takes a long time to scroll through each of them. 

“Students are often clueless about where to look for internships. It might take them months if they search on their own. Teams are formed slowly and the actual start of projects might be delayed by an average of two to three months – all due to the lack of automation,” explains Anatoliy Mikhailov, a co-founder of ManagerAI and a second-year student at ITMO’s Faculty of Technological Management and Innovations. 

To that end, the ManagerAI team, consisting of Anatoliy Mikhailov, Georgiy Savin, an ITMO graduate, as well as Svyatoslav Milovidov and Klim Gordeev, first-year students at ITMO’s Institute of Applied Computer Science, developed Talent Matcher. The AI-driven service automates the search and recruitiment of IT teams for startups and enterprises, drastically decreasing the time required to select varied professionals.

“The tool that can automate the process will increase transparency between employers and specialists while also increasing overall outstaffing efficiency. The mission of Talent Matcher is to match professionals and challenging projects,” notes Daria Tokt, the head of outstaffing at Napoleon IT.

ManagerAI raised 2.5 million rubles for its projects in 2023. Within the first month, over 900 projects were placed on Talent Matcher; the platform welcomed 5,000+ users and 89 companies, including Wildberries, Napoleon IT,, RuTube, X5 Tech, and Siberian Wellness. The service is expected to draw 3,000-5,000 new users every month.