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  • Apply Students Founder Vladislav Efimov on Launching Study-Abroad Startup During the Pandemic

    The Apply Students startup specializing in international education was ranked third at ITMO Accelerator. In this article, the company’s CEO Vladislav Efimov speaks about starting a global business in the midst of the pandemic, preparing for studying abroad, and applying to a university overseas.


  • ITMO Accelerator Winners on Their Virtual Dressing Room Project

    This summer, another season came to a close at ITMO Accelerator. At the final Demo Day, the first place went to EasyTry – a startup working on a virtual dressing room for online stores. Thanks to a new algorithm and a proprietary computer vision technology, the team’s app can grab clothes from one photo and transfer them to another. The algorithm doesn’t require any pre-made 3D models or multi-angled photos of the product. We spoke to Daniil Andreev, founder and CEO of EasyTry, about the project’s origins and how the developers overcame challenges to become breakout stars on the market.


  • ITMO Student Develops a Messenger Aggregator

    Alexander Kudinov, a student at the Faculty of Infocommunication Technologies, together with other ITMO students, has developed Switchat that helps unite chats from various messengers in one app. In this interview, Alexander shared what messengers are supported, how to separate work messages from personal ones, and how Switchat differs from analogs.


  • Founder of ID R&D Konstantin Simonchik on His Career Path and Prospects

    The American company Mitek has recently acquired the ID R&D startup founded by former ITMO lecturer Konstantin Simonchik and his business partner Alexey Khitrov for $49 million. In this article, Konstantin speaks about the differences between startups in Southern and Western Europe and shares his experiences and plans.


  • ITMO Accelerator Demo Day: Top Startup Projects From Virtual Fitting Rooms to Sharing Parking Places

    As another season at ITMO Accelerator came to an end, the finalists of the program presented their startup projects and plans for their development to an expert board.


  • ITMO and LETI Students’ Quick-Charge Startup for Electric Cars To Receive Million Rubles from EnergyHUB

    The startup Powerplace, a participant of ITMO’s Energy Club, has developed a smart module for use in quick-charge stations for electric cars and is now set to receive a prize of one million rubles for its win in the student startup competition EnergyHUB. The startup was co-founded by an ITMO student, an ITMO graduate, and three graduates of LETI (St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University).


  • Music for Everyone: ITMO Students Create Guitar for People with Disabilities

    The special guitar provides an experience almost identical to holding the usual instrument. Its users can choose one of the multiple modes, including standard, one-handed, and single-finger. This guitar will also be a perfect choice for all aspiring musicians wishing to learn how to play quickly.


  • PM School 2021 and Projects Designed by Its Participants

    PM School, the first online school in project management, is now over. Its participants shared what projects they had been engaged in during the course.


  • SingleStore Founder Nikita Shamgunov on How to Launch a Startup

    Nikita Shamgunov, the founder of the SingleStore company and an ITMO University graduate, gave a lecture on building a startup and collaboration with aspiring entrepreneurs at the ITMO Preaccelerator’s Demo Day.


  • Demo Day at ITMO Preaccelerator: the Best Projects Presented

    In mid-February, ITMO Preaccelerator hosted Demo Day, during which 14 teams presented their projects. Among them were both beginners and already functioning businesses. ITMO.NEWS put together a summary of the presentations.