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  • PM School 2021 and Projects Designed by Its Participants

    PM School, the first online school in project management, is now over. Its participants shared what projects they had been engaged in during the course.


  • SingleStore Founder Nikita Shamgunov on How to Launch a Startup

    Nikita Shamgunov, the founder of the SingleStore company and an ITMO University graduate, gave a lecture on building a startup and collaboration with aspiring entrepreneurs at the ITMO Preaccelerator’s Demo Day.


  • Demo Day at ITMO Preaccelerator: the Best Projects Presented

    In mid-February, ITMO Preaccelerator hosted Demo Day, during which 14 teams presented their projects. Among them were both beginners and already functioning businesses. ITMO.NEWS put together a summary of the presentations.


  • Venture Capitalist Dmitry Kulish on Business Unicorns and Why Not Chase Them

    There is no startup on the market that would not want to become a business unicorn but very few actually achieve this. What is behind their success: hidden knowledge, skills, or just luck? In a lecture, Dmitry Kulish, a PhD in biology, a professor at Skoltech’s Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, head of the Innovation Workshop, and venture capitalist, explained why it is harmful to compare your startup to unicorns, why seemingly brilliant ideas tend to fail, and what is behind the success of any innovative product. Here are the main takeaways of the talk.


  • ITMO Accelerator Resident Stanislav Lukyanov on AR Builders and How To Create Them

    ITMO.NEWS and Stanislav Lukyanov discussed his ARVIZOR project, the prospects of AR technology, and ways to apply it, as well as participation in accelerators and making it to the international market.


  • Firstep Founder on Earning $8 Million and Going International

    Last year, two ITMO University students launched the dating app Firstep, which allows users to invite each other to their favorite cafes or bars. Since its release in 25 countries, the app has attracted over 150,000 users, expanded its functionality, and received an $8 million investment from a private partner of the Beijing-based corporation Baidu.


  • ITMO University Launches New Preacceleration Program

    ITMO University’s Preaccelerator began its second run on October 3. Some 100 teams will have an opportunity to develop their idea from a concept to a final project.


  • New Astronautics: Who Rules Space and How to Make Money off It?

    Who makes money off of space today, and how do they do it? How is it split between different countries? And how does one launch a startup in this field? This was the subject of a recent open lecture by Antonina Gromyko, project coordinator of Skoltech Space Center. ITMO.NEWS put down the main ideas.


  • ITMO Students’ Startup Ranks Third at Eureka IIEC 2020’s Business Competition

    As a consequence, the developers, whose work focuses on printed textile-based electronics, will get the chance to participate in a startup competition in China. ITMO.NEWS got in touch with the project’s co-founder, ITMO Master’s student Olavi Siikki, to learn more about their success.


  • OverPro: ITMO Graduate On Launching Business in Esports

    OverPro is an online platform for Counter-Strike tournaments. The project was recently named best at ITMO Accelerator’s Demo Day. ITMO.NEWS talked to the project’s founder about its history, new ideas, and plans for the future.