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  • Meet Russia’s First AI Service for Outstaffing IT Teams

    Students of the Artificial Intelligence Master’s program by ITMO’s AI Talent Hub and Napoleon IT have created an AI-powered platform for browsing job offers and hiring IT experts. Talent Matcher helps novice specialists find suitable internships faster; startups and corporations can turn to the service to assemble efficient teams for their projects. Currently, the online platform is used by over 5,000 people and 89 companies, including Wildberries, Napoleon IT,, RuTube, and X5 Tech.


  • New Opportunities at ITMO Accelerator: 400,000-ruble Grants and More Partners

    ITMO Accelerator helps young entrepreneurs develop their projects from ideas to first revenue through courses on business strategy and marketing, mentorship, and opportunities to communicate with potential investors. This year, the Accelerator expanded its partner network, adding Uralsib, Investment and Venture Fund of the Republic of Tatarstan, Gazprom Neft, and Netology. Thanks to these partners, participating projects can be reviewed by major players on the market, as well as get a chance for financial support.


  • ITMO PhD Student Wins Entrepreneur Contest GSEA Russia 2024

    Daudi Dauddin, a PhD student at ITMO’s Faculty of Technological Management and Innovations, ranked highest in the category Breakthrough of the Year at GSEA Russia 2024, a contest for young entrepreneurs. At the contest, he presented an AI-driven service for patent registration and monitoring that will now receive support from international business communities.


  • A 7 Million Ruble Idea: Diana Duglas Talks New Pregnancy Fitness App

    Diana Duglas is a graduate of ITMO Accelerator and the author of MotherFit, an app for yoga, fitness, and gymnastics for the pregnant. Recently, the startup became one of the winners of VK Start Apps, an accelerator for VK Mini Apps developers, and was shortlisted for a Skolkovo grant of up to 7 million rubles. In this interview, Diana Duglas shares her story of making an app without any prior experience and building a team from scratch.


  • AI Beauty Advisor, Text Encryptor, and Noise-Canceling Materials: Results of the Latest Demo Day at ITMO Accelerator

    Twice a year, around 60 student teams pitch their ideas at Demo Day after taking a three-month training course at ITMO Accelerator. For the second year running, the creators of the best startups are granted a 400,000-ruble grant and a free subscription to Yandex services from Yandex Cloud Boost. See below which projects won this year. 


  • ITMO Accelerator Launches TechNet Track

    ITMO Accelerator is introducing TechNet – a new track for startups in photonics, wireless technologies, the Internet of Things, energy transfer, and smart distributed energy systems. The program will introduce participants to entrepreneurship and assist them through all stages of project development – from ideas to first sales.


  • 25 ITMO Students Win 1-Million-Ruble Grants for Their Startups

    The Russian Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises has awarded grants of 1 million rubles to 25 ITMO students who were chosen as winners of the contest Student Startup.


  • Gamedev Leader at Lesta Games Shares His Path From Programming to Gamedev

    As a university student, Danila Lychkin went from a programmer at a Moscow-based company to a  team lead at an international corporation but ultimately decided to quit his job to pursue gamedev instead. Now, he heads the gamedev department at Lesta Games and oversees the production of World of Warships. In this interview, the former programmer weighs in on how to quit everything to chase after your dreams – and succeed.


  • Yandex Cloud Boost Approved: Top Projects of ITMO Accelerator Demo Day 2023

    Every year, around 50 projects go through the ITMO Accelerator before presenting their results at Demo Day. From last year on, the creators of the best projects receive a 400,000-ruble grant and a free subscription to Yandex services from Yandex Cloud Boost. More on this year’s winners below.


  • 2023 Startups as Theses: Smart Home for the Impaired, Agrotech and More

    This year, a record-breaking 104 students from 11 faculties defended their startups as thesis – using the opportunity first offered by ITMO in 2019. Among their projects are a smart home for people with disabilities, financial courses for kids, and several agrotech startups – read on to learn more.