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  • ITMO University Launches New Preacceleration Program

    ITMO University’s Preaccelerator began its second run on October 3. Some 100 teams will have an opportunity to develop their idea from a concept to a final project.


  • New Astronautics: Who Rules Space and How to Make Money off It?

    Who makes money off of space today, and how do they do it? How is it split between different countries? And how does one launch a startup in this field? This was the subject of a recent open lecture by Antonina Gromyko, project coordinator of Skoltech Space Center. ITMO.NEWS put down the main ideas.


  • ITMO Students’ Startup Ranks Third at Eureka IIEC 2020’s Business Competition

    As a consequence, the developers, whose work focuses on printed textile-based electronics, will get the chance to participate in a startup competition in China. ITMO.NEWS got in touch with the project’s co-founder, ITMO Master’s student Olavi Siikki, to learn more about their success.


  • OverPro: ITMO Graduate On Launching Business in Esports

    OverPro is an online platform for Counter-Strike tournaments. The project was recently named best at ITMO Accelerator’s Demo Day. ITMO.NEWS talked to the project’s founder about its history, new ideas, and plans for the future.


  • How to Launch Your Startup: Your Questions, Answered

    Many of us have entertained the idea of launching a startup. A like-minded team disrupts the market with a unique product – what could be better? But doing that is not so simple. We joined forces with the ITMO Accelerator to answer the most common questions about launching a startup.


  • ITMO University Students Launch a Digital Medicine Project

    The Lotos project is a service that allows you to compare the prices of medical tests at different St. Petersburg laboratories, create your own procedure package, and access it at a reduced price. In this article, Nikolay Polovnev, one of the project’s founders, talks about the idea behind the service, its future functions, and monetization model.


  • Yandex Names ITMO University Student as Recipient of Ilya Segalovich Award

    Vyacheslav Shalamov, a PhD student from ITMO University’s Information Technology and Programming Faculty, is one of the recipients of the Ilya Segalovich Award by Yandex. ITMO.NEWS asked him about his scientific achievements, ideas, and plans for the future.


  • New York-Based Seed Stage Fund Starta Ventures Currently Accepting Applications to Online Pre-Accelerator

    The ITMO University Accelerator has recently hosted a webinar with representatives of the New York-based seed stage fund Starta Ventures. Staff members of the Starta fund and accelerator shared insights into their work and provided individual consultation to several teams.


  • Venture Investment: What It Is and How to Work With It

    We’ve written down the main talking points of a webinar on collaborating with venture funds for beginners.


  • How ITMO Pre-Accelerator Graduates Are Helping Construction Companies Go Digital

    BuildDocuments is a graduate project of ITMO University’s Pre-Accelerator that received the highest praise from its expert investors and mentors. The service allows users to digitize construction paperwork and track work progress online. The product was released on May 26, with pilot testing slated to begin in June. Five million rubles in investments, over 300 subscription pre-orders, and the support of the Russian Ministry of Construction – we spoke to the startup’s founder and head Evgeny Buzlaev to find out how his team was able to launch an IT project in an industry as conservative as construction.