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  • ITMO’s Avatar: A Truly Digital University

    Virtual assistants are growing more and more popular – they help us plan our days, find the most relevant information, make recommendations and facilitate our most frequent actions making our lives easier. What if we take such an assistant, delegate part of some actual human responsibilities to it, equip it with values and personal qualities – and then let it out into a university’s digital ecosystem, where all the students and lecturers are already communicating with each other? ITMO’s Avatar is exactly that, and in this ITMO.NEWS article we will tell you all about this idea, the stages it includes, the project’s team and unique features. 


  • Summer Well Spent: IT Internships for Students

    Top seven internships in IT companies and major banks: how to apply and put the summer season to good use.


  • ITMO University Graduate Stepan Rakitin on Making a Career in IT and Working at a Startup

    Stepan Rakitin graduated from ITMO’s Master’s program in Big Data and Machine Learning in 2018, and then spent two years working as a Java developer at the largest European startup in fintech. These days, he lives in Berlin and holds a job at an American platform for data science. ITMO.NEWS got in touch with Stepan to ask him about making a career in IT, the unique features of studying at ITMO and the reasons for choosing a startup instead of a major corporation. 


  • Navigating in the World of 8,000 Programming Languages

    The amount of programming languages keeps growing: some of them become popular, others are forgotten; some require a lot of time to learn, and others – only a couple of months. Why are there so many of them? Why do new ones appear? How to understand which one will become popular in the future? Roman Elizarov, a teacher of the Parallel Programming course at ITMO, JetBrains employee, an expert in Java, and one of the Kotlin developers, as well as John Mostovoy and Arseniy Seroka, Serokell founders, helped us figure it out.


  • VEEAM Specialist on How to Begin Your Career in Testing

    Who are testers? Which qualities and knowledge should they possess? What is their role in software development? Denis Polev, a QA manager at VEEAM, answered these questions and proved that testers not only look for bugs but, above all, use their logical thinking to foresee many scenarios. The webinar was organized by ITMO University’s Career Center.


  • “Digital Against the Crisis”: Experts On Market Changes After Quarantine

    The coronavirus had an effect on everyone. A strict worldwide quarantine has affected the lifestyle of millions of people and changed the power balance in business. Companies that focus on digital and IT products are on the rise, their turnover has increased by 300-400%. However, offline business that failed to adapt to the new conditions is in disarray. Participants of a panel discussion “People for digital. Digital against the crisis” at the VII Digital Forum RBC discussed such issues as the digitalization of business, the longevity of this effect, and the kind of specialists that will be relevant after the pandemic. 


  • ITMO University Graduates Develop a Service for Career Guidance in IT

    Profimap is an online service for career guidance in the field of IT. Among its features are tests, analysis of soft skills, recommendations on specializations and educational institutions, as well as career advice. The service was created by ITMO University students Dmitry Pokidov and Veronika Petrukhina. Now there are six people on their team, including Nail Khabibulin, also an ITMO University graduate. Read on to learn about the idea behind Profimap and how it works.


  • ITMO University Graduates Become Forbes 30 Under 30 Nominees

    Forbes Russia has released its second annual 30 Under 30 ranking. According to the authors, to get a mention in the list, by the age of 30 you need to have earned professional acclaim nationally or even globally. This year, two ITMO University graduates are among the nominees – Greg Tkachenko, co-founder of the startup AI Factory and manager at Snap, and Daniel Galper, founder and CEO of Grow Food. 


  • ITMO University and Yandex Launch New Master’s Program in Data Analytics

    ITMO University and Yandex will start training data analysis specialists. The Master’s program in Data Analytics is set to launch in the new academic year, but applications are already open. Students have the opportunity to be awarded with two diplomas: one from ITMO University and another from Yandex’s Computer Science Center. Read on to learn more about the program. 


  • ITMO Graduate and Serokell Co-Founder Arseniy Seroka on Science, Haskell and Working Out of Office

    In 2015, ITMO University alum Arseniy Seroka and his Riga-based colleague Jonn Mostovoy founded a company that has now grown to 60 people. The team doesn’t have an office, rigid working hours or a dress code – today, Serokell is powered by specialists from different parts of the world, living in different timezones. Such an unconventional structure doesn’t hinder the company from growth and development, supporting ITMO’s international “Computer Technologies” laboratory, and leading research projects at the university. In this interview with ITMO.NEWS, Arseniy shares about why it’s important for an IT company to help young scientists, how Serokell is writing a book about their unique collaboration format, and why you shouldn’t take the easy route if you dream about a successful career in IT.