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  • Winter Schools to Join This Year

    We made a list of the best winter schools to study VR development, Python programming, game design, meta-analysis, and social entrepreneurship.


  • Media Research Group’s Aleksandr Farseev On Advertising Algorithms and Social Network Monopolies

    During the past three years, a team of researchers from the Machine Learning Lab has been studying artificial intelligence in the field of social network analysis. Aleksandr Farseev, the head of the team, discussed tasks they worked on and the results they achieved.


  • 100 Free Courses from Coursera: Seize the Opportunity

    Coursera has opened access to 100 courses developed by the leading companies and universities. We’ve made a compilation of free courses in computer science, cloud technology, business, and other fascinating fields of study.   


  • Bioinformatics Explained

    DNA structure was discovered almost 70 years ago. Nowadays, scientists are not only able to decode the genome, but also to identify the functions of each gene and its sequences, as well as edit genes and create new ones. It all became possible thanks to the development of computer technologies and a new field of studies called bioinformatics.


  • Digital Economy, First-Hand: itSMF Experts to Deliver Lectures to ITMO Students

    Just a week ago, ITMO University became the site for holding the meeting of ITAM itSMF Russia expert committee — a major association of specialists in the field of ITSM. Now, ITMO and ITAM itSMF Russia are discussing further collaboration: opportunities for organizing lectures and other events for students.


  • ITMO Scientists Use Computer Vision Technologies and Neural Networks to Assess Meditation Efficiency

    The algorithm created by ITMO researchers can assess a person’s psycho-emotional state based on a smartphone video of a meditation session. It tracks evenness of breath, body positioning and limb movements. The research results were published in Future Internet.


  • How an ITMO Student and Her Friend's YouTube Channel is Breaking Stereotypes About Women in IT

    Isabella Merkulova and Mariia Kokaiia work together at Panoramik GameDev Studio, and recently they started the YouTube channel DEVchata (a pun on the Russian word for “gals” – Ed.). The co-hosts conduct interviews with experts from the IT world and discuss the industry's concerns. ITMO.NEWS talked to Isabella and Mariia to find out about the channel’s history and plans.  


  • ITMO Graduate on Doing His Master’s 20 Years into His Career and What Came of It

    In this interview with ITMO.NEWS, graduate Alexander Belozerchik talks about his decision to return to university, how much education has changed in 20 years, and why go study if you’re already leading a successful career. 


  • How Algorithms Help Design Drugs: ITMO Graduate Aleksandr Sadovnikov On Developing Bioinformatics Software

    Aleksandr Sadovnikov has recently completed his ITMO Master’s program, but he’s already a senior software developer at BIOCAD. In June, he published an article on Habr in which he discusses the role of algorithms in drug development and the use of knowledge that he got at the university. 


  • ITMO’s Avatar: A Truly Digital University

    Virtual assistants are growing more and more popular – they help us plan our days, find the most relevant information, make recommendations and facilitate our most frequent actions making our lives easier. What if we take such an assistant, delegate part of some actual human responsibilities to it, equip it with values and personal qualities – and then let it out into a university’s digital ecosystem, where all the students and lecturers are already communicating with each other? ITMO’s Avatar is exactly that, and in this ITMO.NEWS article we will tell you all about this idea, the stages it includes, the project’s team and unique features.