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  • Yandex Scientific Award Laureate Aleksei Shpilman on Developing AI in Russia

    Aleksei Shpilman had his start in bioinformatics, but later turned to developing AI technologies at Yandex, JetBrains, and Gazprom Neft. With the Ilya Segalovich Award from Yandex and several international contest wins under his belt, Aleksei sees training AI specialists as one of his key missions. In this article, the researcher explains what makes AI “magical,” how mathematics and algorithms can help people, and what can be done to bridge business and education.


  • Agreement Signed: ITMO Partners with the Association of Major Software and Equipment Consumers

    The partners are determined to build an efficient system for training IT specialists that can be scaled up to other universities. As stated in the agreement, ITMO students will now on be able to participate in projects developed by members of  the Association of Major Software and Equipment Consumers (AMSEC). In their turn, representatives of member companies will join the university’s team as lecturers, heads of practical training, and industry experts.


  • The Future of AI: ITMO Scientists Present Cutting-Edge Projects

    Scientists from ITMO University have presented innovative open-source products in the field of machine learning (ML) and related digital technologies that received grants from the National Technological Initiative (NTI) and the federal project Artificial Intelligence. The presentation of the projects, which took place on December 14, was attended by government officials, entrepreneurs, and experts. Find out more about the field’s advances in this article. 


  • Digital Renaissance: Yandex Academy Conference on Metaverses, Digital Doubles, and Technological Art

    We’re witnessing a massive technological shift, which allows different fields, such as art and science, medicine and cybernetics, programming and anthropology, to intersect. What trends are especially relevant nowadays? Digital artists and experts in education gathered at the annual Yandex conference YAC/e to discuss this and many other related questions.


  • Online Schools VS Universities: Best Education for a Career in IT

    A career in IT is the dream job for many. High wages, comfy offices, a friendly culture, and, of course, cookies – all these things draw young specialists to the industry. But what is the best education for fledgling IT professionals? This was the topic of discussion on November 9 at Yet another Conference on Education – the major online conference organized by Yandex.


  • Take Our Famous Programmers Quiz

    Today, on September 13, we celebrate the Day of the Programmer. It’s annually celebrated on the 256th day of a year because 256 (2 to the power of 8) is the number of distinct values that can be represented with a byte. For this occasion, we’ve compiled a test for you dedicated to the history of programming and IT. Take a look at the pictures and try to guess who’s painted there.  


  • ITMO's Bonustrack: Get Another Degree For Free

    Bonustrack is a new initiative offered by ITMO University that allows Bachelor’s and Master’s students to earn an additional degree in IT during their studies. Who can join the program and how to start studying IT for free? Let’s find out!


  • ITMO.Online: ITMO Launches its Own Learning Platform

    ITMO.Online is a digital educational platform offering unconventional and interdisciplinary courses in Russian for everyone interested in lifelong learning. The platform currently has nine courses (e.g. Art & Science, bioethics, and emotional intelligence), with ten more programs in data analysis, marketing, food technology, and modern educational technologies expected to appear by the end of the year.  Learn more about the service in our article.


  • ITMO Ranked Among Top 3 in Graduate Salaries in IT Industry

    The job-hunting platform SuperJob has published its research center’s annual ranking of Russian universities according to the size of salaries earned by young graduates in the IT industry. This year, ITMO was once again included among the top 3 – according to the data, the St. Petersburg-based university’s alumni earn an average of 200,000 rubles per month.


  • ITMO.EduLeaders Winner Andrey Sukhovitsky: The Industry Needs IT Specialists Who Not Only Code But Can Easily Integrate Into Production Processes

    Andrey Sukhovitsky graduated from ITMO’s Information Technologies and Programming Faculty. Like many of his fellow students, Andrey started working at an IT company when he was still a student, and already then he acquired an interest in teaching. As he admits himself, he strived to become a passionate teacher and a true mentor for his students, always there to help them if they needed it. Now, the lecturer not only delivers a software design course but also introduces novel educational approaches. For instance, he figured out a way to simulate real industrial processes that are at work in modern IT companies at the university. His project received an award at the ITMO.EduLeaders contest. In the article, Andrey Sukhovitsky speaks more about his experiment and explains why programmers need soft skills and higher education.