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  • Russian Social Media Through the Eyes of International Students

    In the 21st century, it is difficult to imagine our lives without social networks. In Russia, VK and Telegram are the most popular ones. Undeniably, foreigners, including international students, make up a great part of both services’ audiences. But what made them create an account on yet another social media platform? We decided to find out.


  • ITMO Goes to India: Building the Future Together

    The formula to our success is partnerships and collaborations. We are where we are today thanks to the immense support from our partners like Parul University. Our bond with the Indian university has been very strong for years. Every year, many of its students visit ITMO along with their professors to participate in summer schools and internships. This December, ITMO staff members Ekaterina Rassolenko and Yulia Shik visited India to attend Parul University’s International Week. What were the main highlights of this event? What new opportunities can students expect? Let’s learn it all from Ekaterina and Yulia.


  • Student Spotlight: Arafat Rahman, Bangladesh

    It is said that experiences shape our lives. While an unfortunate incident can intimidate and scare some, it can spark enthusiasm in others. Such has been the story of Arafat, an international student from Bangladesh who got inspired to study information security after a cyberattack that shook his country in 2014. Read on to learn all about him and his journey from Chittagong to St. Petersburg with only one goal – to fulfill his dream of becoming a cybersecurity expert at ITMO.  


  • Student Spotlight: Melany Jaramillo, Panama

    One of ITMO’s key values is love – and so, it’s only fitting that love is at the core of the story of one of our international students, Melany. Having found her Russian second half in Panama, Melany decided to travel with him all the way to St. Petersburg to start a new chapter of her life. In today’s interview, we dig deeper into her love story and learn why coming to ITMO was one of the best decisions of her life.


  • Student Spotlight: Dong Do, Vietnam

    Being an international student isn’t easy, as you have a lot more to do in order to sync with other students. And studying science in Russian can be a massive challenge. Can one expect any help from friends? Learn more about the opportunities and challenges of studying at ITMO from Dong, an international Bachelor’s student from Vietnam.


  • ITMO Students Share Lifehacks for First-Years

    Starting university can be tough, especially when you are an international student and a newbie in St. Petersburg. Everyone would love to have a friend and guide by their side. Therefore, we at ITMO.NEWS have aggregated a few useful tips from experienced students who have been in your place before and seen it all themselves.


  • Student Spotlight: Usman Farooq, Pakistan

    Studying abroad is exciting, but it has its own highs and lows. One of the challenges is adapting to a new place and a new culture. For students like Usman Farooq, being away from home in a new country is difficult. But Usman is not a quitter! Despite all odds, he is working relentlessly to not only adapt to the new setting but also make the most of his opportunities. Take a sneak peek into the life of Usman, who traveled from Lahore to St. Petersburg to fulfill his dream of studying at ITMO.


  • How We Spent ITMO Family Day 2022

    On June 18, ITMO students and staff, as well as their families and friends, gathered for ITMO Family Day – the university’s first-ever open-air festival in Kirov Central Park! The entertainment program included comedy, sports, and creative workshops – culminating in a performance by a special musical guest that even rain couldn’t spoil. Here’s how it went.


  • Student Spotlight: Wael Hazima, Syria

    After graduating with a degree in economic sciences, Wael spent five years working in the financial management sector. But then, he decided to study further and receive training in business informatics. He chose ITMO because of its reputation and proven excellence in IT. Read on to learn more about Wael’s experiences of becoming a student again and his post-graduation plans.


  • 12 Decades: A Lot More Than 12 Milestones!

    On March 26, our beloved university is going to celebrate its 122nd year of existence. Starting its journey as the first school to train specialists in the domains of mechanics, optics, and watchmaking, ITMO’s journey has been no less than an adventure. Through thick and thin, ITMO has always believed in its five core values in tandem with cutting-edge science, high-quality education, and innovation. Let us take a walk down memory lane and look at key moments in ITMO’s history.