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  • From Idea to Business in Eight Weeks: The Second Session of ITMO 3.0 Reload

    About half a year ago, ITMO's student Malika Abdullaeva decided to replace protein cocktails with ice-cream that’s stripped from everything sportsmen avoid while "shredding" - fats, sugar and the like. The idea was suggested by her friend, who worked as a fitness instructor, and with help from ITMO 3.0 Reload, Malika succeeded in bringing the project to the point of actually having the end product. In just several months, her team Pro&Ice has not only perfected the recipe, but also brought it to the minimum viable product stage and even pitched their project in Finland, and is now getting ready to receive their first investment. Yet, there is more to come, believes Konstantin Peresh, ITMO 3.0's coordinator. On March, 29th, ITMO 3.0's second season starts, and several tens more students will get the opportunity to work with the university's technologies, study the market and make their first steps to launching their own businesses. In an interview to ITMO.NEWS, he shared about the project's details.


  • ITMO 3.0 Reload: 2016's Results

    ITMO 3.0 Reload — this year's final event dedicated to research commercialization — took place last Thursday. During this pitch session organized by the Project Management and Innovation Department and Faculty of Technological Management and Innovations, five teams presented their projects to a special jury, and got important feedback on how to develop their ideas.