Each team had five minutes to present their project and research. Such presentations included information about the product's concept, data from marketing analysis, possible competitors and the target group. The students had to show advanced knowledge of the market and its players, their advantages and drawbacks.

ITMO 3.0 Reload

All of the projects were developed at the Department of Applied Biotechnology and had to do with food industry. Andrei Homkov from the first team spoke of developing a new technology for fermented milk drinks. This technology can produce a drink with a higher concentration of vitamins and no preservation agents. Two other projects were dedicated to sport supplements. Eduard Kamalov and Artem Demchenkov shared about their idea — a liquid gainer as opposed to the commonly used powder ones. Such gainers will be easier to use and will contain more useful substances. The last project was on protein ice-cream. Kirill Kazarinov, one of the project's authors, explained that this product will be in demand as sportsmen would like to have something tastier than the common protein bars as snacks. Such ice-cream is sugar-free and rich in protein, which is essential for building muscle mass. This project was deemed best, as its team has presented all necessary information on the product, a detailed marketing analysis and even a prototype — the jury had the opportunity to taste the new product themselves.

Protein Ice-Cream

Igor Dubinnikov, business coach for the Skolkovo Management School and owner of the AAA Trust Company who leads the ITMO 3.0 Reload project, noted that participation in this program would be a great advantage when job hunting. After the presentations, Konstantin Okunev, a business coordinator and owner of a group of small innovative enterprises, conducted a workshop where he explained what "money allergy" is and how should one plan the steps to reaching entrepreneurial goals. Each project received feedback from the jury, which the participants will be able to use to improve their results in the upcoming year.

Igor Dubinnikov.

ITMO 3.0 Reload project was launched this September and has proved to be a great platform for promoting technologies developed by the university. The second stage of the project will start on 14th of January, 2017.