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  • ITMO Tech Management and Innovations Students Present Marketing Strategies for Research Projects

    On December 18, students of ITMO’s Faculty of Technological Management and Innovations defended projects developed by researchers from the School of Biotechnology and Cryogenic Systems. The event was the final part of ITMO’s new course in Management of Competitive Capacities of Enterprises. 


  • New Astronautics: Who Rules Space and How to Make Money off It?

    Who makes money off of space today, and how do they do it? How is it split between different countries? And how does one launch a startup in this field? This was the subject of a recent open lecture by Antonina Gromyko, project coordinator of Skoltech Space Center. ITMO.NEWS put down the main ideas.


  • ITMO University’s National Center for Cognitive Technologies Launches a Contest for the Best Model of Commercialization of Innovative Technologies

    The fate of an innovative invention famously depends not only on the talent and abilities of its creators. For a new technology to get traction on the market, it has to be promoted in the right way – and this is the task for managers, not inventors. Recently, ITMO University’s National Center for Cognitive Technologies has launched a contest for the development of a commercialization program for its products and services. Applications are accepted until the end of May, and everyone can submit theirs – winners are to get money prizes and collaboration offers. 


  • ScanFace Startup: Reading Faces, Going Places

    The project ScanFace, a resident of ITMO University’s Pre-Accelerator program, specializes in face-based psychodiagnostics. They can give an exact identification of what kind of impression you make on others, what aspect of yourself – the shape of your eyebrows or nose – hinder you from getting a promotion and building a stable relationship. Not very long ago, the startup secured an investment to develop in the B2B segment. ITMO.NEWS spoke to its head Filipp Zhuchkov to find out how the project works and plans to develop going forward. 


  • New Laboratory to Appear at ITMO University as Part of a Russian Government Megagrant

    ITMO University’s international SCAMT (Solution Chemistry of Advanced Materials and Technologies) Laboratory has received a megagrant from the Russian government. ITMO.NEWS spoke to the staff to find out what kinds of new specialists will be needed at the laboratory, what developments within the framework of the megagrant are in the pipeline, and how this work will help to pave the way for a technological revolution in entire industrial fields. 


  • ChemBio Cluster’s Small Innovative Enterprise Innocolloid Started Paying Dividends to ITMO

    The small innovative enterprise “Innocolloid” was created by the staff of ITMO University’s ChemBio Cluster in 2017. In the year and a half of its existence, the company has signed several deals with major representatives of the business community and, beginning from the first quarter of 2019, started paying dividends to its co-founder, ITMO University. Here is more on the company’s operations and how it managed to reach a high level of financial self-sufficiency.


  • Heaven for Startups: Russian and Finnish Experts Discuss Helsinki Business Culture

    How does a startup enter the European market via Finland? How should you present your project to foreign investors? What are the differences between the business community in Helsinki and those in other European cities? Novice entrepreneurs from St. Petersburg found answers to these and other questions during the Helsinki Business Boost, a business course launched by ITMO’s Technopark, Helsinki Centre representative office and Venture Family consulting agency. Participants received personal advice from experts, while the winners received tickets to Arctic 15, a business contacts exchange for startups in the Nordic and Baltic countries, which will take place in Helsinki on May 30-31.


  • New Opportunities: ITMO University Revamps Its Entrepreneurial Activities

    ITMO University is restructuring its Faculty of Technological Management and Innovations. The new faculty will also include the Institute of International Business and Law and two departments of the Faculty of Management and Automation Controls (Academy LIMTU). The new Faculty will cooperate closely with the Project Management and Innovation Department, which will help optimize the university’s portfolio of educational programs in the field of technological management, entrepreneurship and innovations, intensify project work, and give students the opportunity to acquire entrepreneurial competencies as early as in their first year at the university. In an interview for ITMO.NEWS, Nina Yanykina, Head of ITMO’s Project Management and Innovation Department, expanded on these recent changes and the tasks of the university’s new structure.


  • ITMO.REGIONS Startup School Comes to Volgograd State Technical University

    As part of the ITMO.REGIONS trans-regional network of startup schools, an expert team from ITMO University has conducted two training programs on technology entrepreneurship and fundraising at the Volgograd State Technical University. The initiative is part of the “Conveyor of Innovations” strategic project; among its partners are the Volgograd Oblast business incubator and the regional government.


  • Optics-2017 Conference: Experts Discuss Relevant Technologies of Industrial Photonics

    The 10th international conference for young scientists and specialists Optics-2017 has recently ended in St. Petersburg; the biennial event brings together students, scientists and representatives of the industry. At the Industrial Photonics session, experts from different Russian and international companies spoke about the latest inventions in the field of photonics, new applications of optical technologies and the prospects of their field's development.