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  • ITMO Fellowship Stories: ‪Maxim Likhanov on Importance of Spatial Skills and Synergy Between Chemistry and Neuroscience

    In 2019, Maxim Likhanov graduated from Tomsk State University with a PhD in philology. Two years later, he won the chance to do his research at ITMO University as part of ITMO Fellowship and Professorship Program. ITMO.NEWS talked to the scientist to learn more about how to succeed in chemistry, why spatial skills are important, and how they’ve transformed his life.


  • ITMO Fellowship Stories: Scientist Dmitry Karlovets on Research Programs in Russia and Germany

    After earning his PhD in theoretical physics in 2008, Dmitry Karlovets joined a postdoc program in Germany where he spent another three years. In 2021, the scientist joined ITMO.Family as a research fellow at the School of Physics and Engineering. In this article, Dmitry speaks about why he decided to pursue his academic career in Germany, explains the difference between research programs in Russia and abroad, and shares his academic goals for the future.


  • Researcher Svetlana Ulasevich on Fighting Resistant Bacteria With Ultrasound

    Svetlana Ulasevich is an associate professor and researcher at ITMO University’s Infochemistry Scientific Center, as well as a specialist in sonochemistry, electrochemistry, and biomimetic materials.


  • University College Dublin’s Professor Da-Wen Sun: Soon Enough, Your Phone Will Know More About Your Food Than You Do

    One of the world’s foremost experts on food- and biotechnologies, Professor Da-Wen Sun visited ITMO University to deliver a series of lectures on the latest achievements in food preservation and quality control. Professor Sun heads the Food Refrigeration & Computerized Food Technology center at University College Dublin and is the head of International Academy of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering. Da-Wen Sun visited the School of Biotechnology and Cryogenic Systems as part of the ITMO Fellowship program. A writer for ITMO.NEWS met the scientist to learn what’s wrong with the way we freeze vegetables and how computer vision helps fast food businesses save money.


  • Making Vasilievsky Island More Comfortable: Results of Workshop by European Designers

    As part of the Global Academics track, ITMO University’s Faculty of Technological Management and Innovations invited two specialists in the field of digital media and design, Andrew Bullen (France) and Janine Huizenga (the Netherlands). The experts organized a two-week course for ITMO University Master’s students, which resulted in the creation of four projects aimed at improving various areas of Vasilievsky Island. Read on to learn more about the advantages of the program and students’ projects.


  • ITMO University and University of Lorraine Expand Opportunities for Student and Staff Mobility

    Starting from the new academic year, Master’s and PhD students at ITMO University will be given the opportunity to participate in academic exchanges and internships at the University of Lorraine (Université de Lorraine, UL), one of France’s largest and highest-rated universities. Moreover, ITMO and UL will be able to exchange professors who will give topical lectures on a wide range of subjects. Such an expansion of the mobility opportunities available has been made possible thanks to an Erasmus+ program grant. We spoke to Alexandre Nominé, a senior research associate at ITMO University’s Faculty of Physics and Engineering and ITMO Fellow, to find out more about the cooperation, requirements for participating in the Russian-French mobility program, and its future prospects.


  • At the Intersection of Sciences: Bioinformatics Specialist Nikita Alexeev on Challenges of DNA Research

    Nikita Alekseev is a senior researcher at ITMO University’s Information Technologies and Programming Faculty and a member of the ITMO Fellowship program. He has recently come back to St. Petersburg after spending several years on bioinformatics research in the United States. In this interview, he shared with us his views on bioinformatics and talked about his career.


  • Data-Driven Medicine: How Patients May Become Their Own Doctors

    Georgy Kopanitsa has worked as an expert on data-driven medicine at the Tomsk Polytechnic University and the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich. According to his estimates, in just a few years new medical data systems will make doctors’ work easier while reducing the cost and improving the quality of medical analysis. As a new participant of ITMO University’s Fellowship program, he recently spoke with the University’s students about his research and the goals of data-driven medicine.


  • Scientist Evgeny Belyaev on the Challenges of Video Encoding, Limits of Compression, and Future of Streaming

    Evgeny Belyaev has been working on various projects that deal with video encoding for over a decade. In this interview with ITMO.NEWS, he talks about the nature of video encoding, working in this field, and how it feels to return home after years abroad.


  • Professor Fabio Bonsignorio on the Need of Reproducibility of Robotic Research and the Future of the Economy

    Circular economy, Industry 4.0, automation, autonomous cars - we’ve been hearing these terms a lot in the past several years. Still, the interrelations between the associated phenomena are not quite evident. Fabio Bonsignorio, a professor of the Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies in Pisa (Italy) and one of the leading scientists in the field of biorobotics and future technologies has recently delivered a lecture at ITMO University and spoke with us about how blockchain and robots will change the economy.