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  • New Dean of Biotech Mikhail Kurushkin about the Future of the Faculty

    Before the start of this academic year, the Faculty of Food Biotechnology and Engineering got a new name and is now the Faculty of Biotechnologies (or Biotech). ITMO.NEWS talked to Mikhail Kurushkin, the newly appointed dean of the faculty about his plans for Biotech’s future development.


  • Researcher Svetlana Ulasevich on Fighting Resistant Bacteria With Ultrasound

    Svetlana Ulasevich is an associate professor and researcher at ITMO University’s Infochemistry Scientific Center, as well as a specialist in sonochemistry, electrochemistry, and biomimetic materials.


  • Immunologist and ITMO Fellow Marina Dukhinova: ‘Proud to Be a Part of Russian Science’

    Marina Dukhinova is a biologist and immunologist whose research focuses on the use of immune modulation in the treatment of inflammatory and cancerous diseases. ITMO.NEWS caught up with the researcher to find out what drew her back to Russia, what she loves about working at ITMO, and which country she sees herself living in in the future.


  • ITMO Fellow Ananya Das: I Came to St. Petersburg for Applied Research

    The Indian researcher told ITMO.NEWS about her work, the promising applications of carbon dots, and the pleasant surprises St. Petersburg offers when compared to Calcutta. 


  • ITMO Fellow Anna Zhuk on Her Path from Mathematics to Bioinformatics and Research at ITMO

    The researcher told ITMO.NEWS about her work in comparative genomics, how model yeast objects are used for understanding the mechanisms involved in the pathogenesis of human diseases, and how standup paddleboarding helps her relax after intense work. 


  • At the Intersection of Biology, Chemistry, and IT: New Participants of ITMO Fellowship & Professorship Program on Their Research at ITMO

    How to make scientists, constantly cooped up in their laboratories, communicate more and find new points of contact for joint work at the intersection of several fields of knowledge? This question is especially topical for those who work on fixed-term contracts or as part of an exchange and are thus especially intent on spending all their time on work. It is for supporting communication between different scientists coming to ITMO that the university’s Internationalization Department organizes meetups for participants of the ITMO Fellowship & Professorship program. ITMO.NEWS attended this year’s first gathering to find out more about the research pursued by the new members of the community.


  • University College Dublin’s Professor Da-Wen Sun: Soon Enough, Your Phone Will Know More About Your Food Than You Do

    One of the world’s foremost experts on food- and biotechnologies, Professor Da-Wen Sun visited ITMO University to deliver a series of lectures on the latest achievements in food preservation and quality control. Professor Sun heads the Food Refrigeration & Computerized Food Technology center at University College Dublin and is the head of International Academy of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering. Da-Wen Sun visited the School of Biotechnology and Cryogenic Systems as part of the ITMO Fellowship program. A writer for ITMO.NEWS met the scientist to learn what’s wrong with the way we freeze vegetables and how computer vision helps fast food businesses save money.


  • At the Intersection of Sciences: Bioinformatics Specialist Nikita Alexeev on Challenges of DNA Research

    Nikita Alekseev is a senior researcher at ITMO University’s Information Technologies and Programming Faculty and a member of the ITMO Fellowship program. He has recently come back to St. Petersburg after spending several years on bioinformatics research in the United States. In this interview, he shared with us his views on bioinformatics and talked about his career.


  • Materials Scientist Alexandre Nominé on Challenges of his Field, Learning Russian, and Creativity at ITMO University

    Alexandre Nominé came to ITMO University from France to work at the University’s Metamaterials Laboratory as a materials scientist. In the course of his career he has worked in various field of physics including plasma physics and synthesizing nanoparticles. We spoke with Dr. Nomine about science, living in Russia, and learning five languages (including Russian!)


  • Quantum Physicist Oleksandr Kyriienko on the Future of Computing and Making a Career in Science

    Oleksandr Kyriienko came to ITMO University as a part of the University’s Fellowship Program. His scientific career has led him through several different fields of physics and to various countries, including Iceland, Singapore and Brazil. ITMO.NEWS asked Oleksandr about the peculiar nature of such life and other important aspects of being a scientist in the 21st century.