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  • Student Spotlight: Magdalene Memory Lungu, Malawi

    Magdalene from the vibrant nation of Malawi is currently immersed in the study of public health sciences at ITMO. Her passion lies in the pursuit of identifying infectious diseases at their early stages to prevent the recurrence of global pandemics. In this conversation, Magdalene takes us on a thrilling journey through her academic pursuits, shedding light on her aspirations to contribute to public health initiatives. Join us as we delve into Magdalene's experiences, ambitions, and the pivotal role she envisions playing at her nation’s Ministry of Health.


  • Student Spotlight: Jobaer Been Rayhan, Bangladesh

    Jobaer's journey into the world of technology began at a young age, as he delved into coding at just 15 years old. Today, he is a successful digital entrepreneur who has his own e-commerce platform. Currently enrolled in the Foundation Program, Jobaer will go on to study software engineering at ITMO. In this interview, he generously shares insights into his life, his remarkable journey in technology, and his ambitious dreams for the future. 


  • Student Spotlight: Afif Rahman, Bangladesh

    In this interview with Afif, an international student from Bangladesh, we delve into his captivating journey to St. Petersburg, where he has recently embarked on a new chapter in his life. He also shares his heartfelt insights about his hometown and unveils the reason that led him to choose ITMO as his academic destination. Read on to find out.


  • Student Spotlight: Elvis Harka, Albania

    In this series, we often talk to recent students but this time, it's different. Meet Elvis, an international student at ITMO who has spent over five years in St. Petersburg. With his vast experience of living abroad, he brings a lot of interesting perspectives to the table. His valuable tips are sure to help new students be better prepared for their journey to Russia. Take a look at his story. There’s surely something to learn for everyone.


  • Student Spotlight: Abdullah Sharabati, Saudi Arabia

    When one door slams shut, a thousand new ones open. This has been proven time and again through Abdullah’s story. In search of new opportunities, Abdullah came to Russia to pursue breakthroughs. And guess what, he got exactly that. He claims his life in Russia as a fresh start! What makes him think so? Read on to find out.


  • Student Spotlight: Ye Htet Aung, Myanmar

    From the land of the golden pagodas to the land of superlatives, Ye’s journey to ITMO has been, indeed, fascinating. With a dream of becoming a successful IT specialist, Ye enrolled in ITMO on a full scholarship. In this interview, he shares with us the many sparkles of Burmese culture and introduces us to his goals, hobbies, and ambitions.


  • Student Spotlight: Fan Tuan, Vietnam

    Meet Fan, a jolly young man from Hanoi who is elated to be a part of ITMO.FAMILY! Currently a first-year Bachelor’s student of software engineering, Fan wants to be the best in his domain. He came to Russia to immerse himself in a new culture and broaden his mindset. At ITMO, he found great mentors, amazing friends, and a unique perspective on life. Read on to learn all about his exciting new life in St. Petersburg.


  • Student Spotlight: Peter Simwanza, Zambia

    Meet Peter, a third-year Bachelor's student of electrical engineering from Zambia. In this conversation, he takes us on a journey through his homeland, sharing insights into the rich tapestry of Zambian culture. He also delves into his unique experiences as a student in St. Petersburg, shedding light on the challenges and triumphs he's encountered. Moreover, Peter unveils his future plans, offering us a glimpse of the path he envisions for himself beyond the classroom. Read on to learn more.


  • Student Spotlight: Ramin Dzhalalpur, Afghanistan

    In this candid and heartening interview, Ramin, an international student from Afghanistan, sheds light on his extraordinary life, remarkable achievements, and the poignant reality of his homeland's people, culture, and landscape. Amidst the pursuit of higher education at ITMO University, Ramin's story serves as an inspiration for many. Dive in! 


  • Student Spotlight: Tara Torbati, Iran

    Fate often takes you to unexpected places and your life ends up changing for good. Such has been the story of Tara, for whom winning a scholarship and pursuing a Bachelor’s degree at ITMO was all a coincidence! Read today’s Student Spotlight to find out the story of this recent ITMO graduate who faced all odds to attain success.