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  • Onis Emem on Environmental Tips and His Exchange Experience in Denmark

    Onis Charles Emem is an ITMO Master’s student in Industrial Ecology and Cleaner Production and the former president of the Get Local international student club. He’s currently on an exchange program in Denmark.


  • ITMO Master’s Student on Passion For Tech and His New Project

    From Pazardzhik, Bulgaria to Sunnyvale, California and then all the way to St. Petersburg, Russia, Master's student Iordan (Danny) Krastev tells us about what it's like to be a successful IT freelancer who keeps on learning.   


  • Mexican Student Shares His Story and Tips for Better Online Security

    Coming from the other side of the world is always a challenging endeavor, it takes courage to leave behind those who you love, your traditions and culture, nevertheless sometimes we ought to sacrifice something to be able to reach the potential we did not know we had. 


  • New Technology and How It Can Affect My Art: An Artist’s Opinion

    Michel Doumit, a Lebanese artist and student of the Art & Science Master’s program at ITMO University, discusses how modern technology and classic art influence his work.


  • Ecuador to Russia: Taking the Leap

    We caught up with Cristina Fierro Nunez from Ecuador, who has been an Applied Computer Science student at ITMO University for the past three years. In this interview, she shares her reasons for coming to Russia, talks about life as an international student in St. Petersburg, and her advice for those planning to study in Russia.


  • My Russian Mushroom Picking Adventure

    I certainly enjoy a good sleep-in on the weekend, so when I got a text saying “Let's go mushroom picking on Saturday morning at 7am" I was a little hesitant at first. But after six years in Russia, this is only the second time I’ve received such an offer, so I was definitely up for the challenge.  


  • ITMO Graduate from the Republic of Chad on His University Experience

    ITMO University’s international alumni pursue a world of different opportunities after their graduation. Some of them return to their home countries to travel their professional path. Dezoumbe Ouinra, a 2007 graduate of the specialization “Design and Technology of Electronic Computing Devices”, went back to his native Republic of Chad to work at the national Ministry of Information and Communication Technology, and continued his career at the Chadian national television, supporting its transition to state-of-the-art technologies. With the help of ITMO’s Alumni Center, ITMO.NEWS managed to talk to Dezoumbe to find out why he decided to study in St. Petersburg and how this experience has been helping him in the years since.


  • Camp in Programming: Intense Problem-Solving

    The annual summer Camp in Programming welcomes students from all over the world who get hands-on experience and theoretical knowledge in programming and machine learning. This year, the challenge was accepted by students from Luxemburg, USA, Azerbaijan, Venezuela, China, India, and Russia. We caught up with some of them to talk about their experience here. 


  • Russian Language and Culture Summer School: Leading the Way to Better Career Prospects

    ITMO University’s Russian Language and Culture Summer School, which took place this July, attracted students from the United States, England, Belgium, Poland, Germany and Taiwan. We caught up with some of them and talked about their experience. 


  • Summer Camp in Optical System Design: Teaching Students Practical Skills

    This summer, ITMO University held the Camp in Optical System Design for the fifth consecutive year. It welcomed participants from Turkey, Germany and Belarus, as well as from other Russian universities. We caught up with Sahin Umsu from Turkey and Natalia Erhova from Moscow, Russia to learn about their experience. 


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