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  • Student Spotlight: Alexander Ramos, Ecuador

    Alexander Ramos left Ecuador in 2019 to enroll in the Digital Control Systems Master’s program at ITMO University. In this interview with ITMO.NEWS, he told us about his experiences he has lived here for more than a year, his love for St. Petersburg and his goals for the future.


  • Student Spotlight: Julianne Gomez, Cuba

    A professional dancer, Julianne Gomez is a Cuban second-year student of the Bachelor’s program Technological Innovations Management at ITMO University. In this interview, Julianne tells us about how since childhood her life has always been linked to Russia and how this influenced her decision to study at ITMO.


  • Student Spotlight: Ramiro Vicente, Ecuador

    Ramiro Vicente is a student of the Master’s program Mobile and Networking Technologies at ITMO University. We talked with him about how a song drew him to pursue his studies in Russia, his experiences during the first year in St. Petersburg, and his aspirations for the future.


  • Student Spotlight: Jorge Medina, Colombia

    Jorge Medina left Colombia to enroll in the Information Security Master’s program at ITMO University. In this interview with ITMO.NEWS, he told us about the reasons behind the decision to study in Russia and the story of his love for St. Petersburg, with its landscapes allowing him to practice photography –  his greatest hobby.


  • Student Spotlight: Omar Ceesay, Gambia

    From East Africa to Russia, Omar Ceesay is currently a Bachelor’s student of Mobile and Network Technologies at ITMO University. After completing a year of Russian language and already 3 months into his first year of studies, he is now used to his new life here in Russia and has fallen in love with Russian history, the city, and the people who make him feel at home.


  • Student Spotlight: Allison Ascanio, Colombia

    Allison Ascanio is a first-year Bachelor’s student of Biotechnology at ITMO University. We chat with her about her experiences in Russia and how her vision of Russia has changed dramatically throughout this past year.


  • Student Spotlight: Uğur Bayar, Turkey

    Uğur Bayar is a Bachelor’s student of System and Applied Software at ITMO University. He came from Turkey to pursue his degree so he could achieve his biggest dream: to travel the world while doing what he loves.


  • Student Spotlight: Moustapha Nour, Djibouti

    A year ago, Moustapha Nour left the hot African climate of Djibouti to enroll in the Master’s program in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology at ITMO University. In this interview with ITMO.NEWS he told us about his journey to Russia, his experiences as an international student, and his short- and long-term goals.


  • Student Spotlight: Kevin Santisteban, Guatemala

    Kevin Santisteban is a Bachelor’s student in System and Applied Software program at ITMO University. He came to St Petersburg almost a year ago, looking for a change in his life. In an interview for our portal, he talks about his aspirations, passions and experiences in Russia.


  • Student Spotlight: Rigel Olvera, Mexico

    From Mexico to Vladimir and later to St. Petersburg, Rigel tells his history to ITMO.NEWS. He’s in his first year of studies at the High Molecular Weight Compound PhD program and is also a participant of the ITMO.Mentors initiative.