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  • Shahzad Ahmed: ITMO Blogs Help You Adjust to St. Petersburg Quickly

    Shahzad Ahmed came from Pakistan in 2018 to study for a Master's degree in Information Security. He is currently studying his last semester and is waiting for the graduation ceremony. He is also passionate about sharing his experiences which led him to be a writer for ITMO Blogs.


  • Farshid Amini: When I Look at the Sky, I Imagine a Bigger World

    After doing some research on Russia, Farshid Amini, a native of Tehran in Iran, came to take a Master’s program in Robotics at ITMO University. He’s currently in his first year and enjoys the teaching approaches of his professors and St. Petersburg’s old parks, historic streets and calm rivers. Inspired by the world around him, Farshid strives to make it a better place.


  • Eleni Bouzouka: When I Draw, I Can Understand Myself Better Because My Art Reflects My Life

    Greek ITMO student Eleni Bouzouka is currently residing in Berlin as an Erasmus student. She is enrolled in the Master’s program Thermophysical processes and technologies at the Faculty of Low Temperature Energy.


  • Weini Teweldebrhan: Studying in Russia Is an Experience I Wouldn’t Trade for Anything

    For the first time in her life, Weini Teweldebrhan Tesfatsion decided to go abroad in order to get a Master’s degree in Chemistry of Applied Materials. She came to ITMO University from Eritrea, in the east part of Africa, to pursue her dream.


  • Prithu Roy: Desire to Be Part of a Unique Experience Brought Me Here

    ITMO student Prithu Roy came from Varanasi, India and is currently enrolled in the Master’s program Nanophotonics and Metamaterials at the Faculty of Physics and Engineering. Before coming to Russia, he finished his Bachelor’s degree in Engineering (Electronics and Communication) and was also a tutor in advanced mathematics and physics to pre-university students.


  • Shireen Hilal: I Believe Students Should Always Focus on Educational Goals and Work Hard

    A native of Sweida, Syria, Shireen decided to continue her studies at ITMO University after graduating with a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Damascus. She is currently working on her Master’s degree in Laser Engineering and Laser Technologies. Despite being in lockdown due to coronavirus for the last three months, she still maintains a positive attitude and practices playing traditional music.


  • Emina Iskhakova: Just Choose What You Like and Do It

    Coming from Central Asia, from sunny Uzbekistan, Emina Iskhakova is currently in her first year in the Intelligent Systems in Humanities program at ITMO where she focuses on studying the methods of collecting and processing Big Data.  


  • Shubham Kunal: My 5 Favorite Things about ITMO and More

    Shubham Kunal is a Bachelor’s degree student in Applied Informatics at ITMO University. He came to St. Petersburg from Dhanbad, a small town known as the coal capital of India and the second-most populous city in the state of Jharkhand.


  • Kharchi Taha Mohamed Samy: My Journey to Russia Made Me Stronger

    Coming from Setif, Algeria, Kharchi Taha Mohamed Samy is a Master’s degree student at ITMO University studying Digital Control Systems. Having graduated with a Bachelor's in Automation and Industrial Computing, he came to St. Petersburg to continue his studies. 


  • Sedreh Nassirnia: I Want to Explore the Answers to the Most Intriguing Questions in Biology, Chemistry and Other Fields

    Hailing from Iran, Sedreh Nassirnia completed her Master's degree in Computer Engineering at Qazvin University while working as an executive manager for the Iranian General Dentists Association in Tehran and also teaching part-time at the university. Now she is taking her Master’s in Bioinformatics and Systems Biology at ITMO University.