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  • Student Spotlight: Usman Farooq, Pakistan

    Studying abroad is exciting, but it has its own highs and lows. One of the challenges is adapting to a new place and a new culture. For students like Usman Farooq, being away from home in a new country is difficult. But Usman is not a quitter! Despite all odds, he is working relentlessly to not only adapt to the new setting but also make the most of his opportunities. Take a sneak peek into the life of Usman, who traveled from Lahore to St. Petersburg to fulfill his dream of studying at ITMO.


  • Student Spotlight: Kaykhan Noyan, Afghanistan

    Motivation plays a big role in determining one’s course of action. For Kaykhan, the motivation to study in Russia came from the movies. Growing up as a child in Afghanistan, he watched numerous Russian movies that instilled in him a strong feeling of love and belonging toward the country. To fulfill his dream of living in Russia, Kaykhan enrolled in ITMO’s Bachelor's Program in Computer Systems and Technologies. What has he been up to since? Read on to find out.


  • Student Spotlight: Kento Hasegawa, Japan

    A Japanese native whose passion is to learn Russian history and culture. That’s what best describes Kento, a participant in ITMO’s summer school in Russian language and culture. His keen interest in learning Russian and becoming a professional translator left us in awe. We got the opportunity to catch up with him and learn all about his experiences in our city. From enjoying the city’s observation decks to getting lost in the grandeur of the Hermitage, let's dive deep into the life of Kento Hasegawa.


  • Summer Schools in Computer Science: Parul University Students Visit ITMO

    Every year ITMO organizes several short-term programs during the summer and the winter season. These schools are open to students from around the world and are specially tailored to provide them with cutting-edge skills. This year, we were thrilled to welcome ten budding techies from Parul University, our long-time academic partner, yet again to our campus. They participated in a special six-week program including two ITMO summer schools on competitive programming and machine learning. The middle two weeks of their stay involved a tailor-made course on data science and Python programming. ITMO.NEWS got the opportunity to talk to three of them and learn about their journey and their experiences here in St. Petersburg. What do they think about the metro? Did they try borscht? We dive deeper into these topics and more in this article.  


  • Student Spotlight: Hossain Jafari, Afghanistan

    “Developing software that would add value to people’s lives has been my dream since childhood. To fulfill it, I joined ITMO,” says Hossain, an international student from Afghanistan who is currently enrolled in ITMO’s Foundation Program. After completing the preparatory course, he will pursue a Bachelor’s degree in software engineering. How did he find out about ITMO? What is it like to be an international student in Russia? What are his favorite activities here? He shares it all in this interview.


  • Student Spotlight: Hang Ly, Vietnam

    Meet our Vietnamese international student: Hang Ly, who is currently studying Russian at ITMO’s Foundation Program. In this interview, she shares her thoughts on being an international student and learning Russian. Through her personal opinions and stories, you can find a lot of useful information about ITMO and St. Petersburg. Read on to get a glimpse of her summer plans, too.


  • Student Spotlight: Khánh Huyền, Vietnam

    Most students are afraid of math, but for this young woman from Vietnam, calculus and probability are things of joy. Meet Khánh Huyền, a student of ITMO University’s Foundation Program. Come September, she will enter the Bachelor’s program in programming and artificial intelligence. In this interview, she talks about her life as an international student at ITMO.


  • Student Spotlight: Mostafa Abdallah, Egypt

    Hailing from the land of pharaohs, Mostafa is an international student at ITMO. He is currently enrolled in the Foundation Program but will go on to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in communication systems. In this interview, he talks about his journey from Cairo to St. Petersburg. Read on to learn more about him and his experiences at ITMO.


  • Student Spotlight: Talha Imtiaz, Pakistan

    A man of many talents, Talha Imtiaz joined ITMO as an international student in 2020. After two long years of hard work and perseverance, he is now about to graduate with a Master’s degree. In our conversation, he talks about his current research and future plans. Read on to learn more about the experiences of this soon-to-be ITMO graduate.


  • Student Spotlight: Bassel Alshawareb, Syria

    A man with many dreams, Bassel is an international student at ITMO. Currently enrolled in the Foundation Program, Bassel plans to study robotics starting this fall semester. Despite his limited knowledge of Russian, he has already participated in several conferences and presented his research in Russian. How did he achieve this feat? Read on to find out.