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  • Gennady Korotkevich Continues Google Code Jam Streak With Seventh Win

    Gennady Korotkevich, currently a PhD student at ITMO University, hasn’t stepped from the first place in Google Code Jam since 2014. This time, he also bested his closest competitors from Canada and the USA. Among the tournament’s top five was also ITMO graduate Evgeny Kaplun.


  • Codeforces Founder Mikhail Mirzayanov: How the Biggest Competitive Programming Platform Has Changed Over the Past 10 Years

    Codeforces, one of the biggest competitive programming platforms in the world, is celebrating its 10th birthday. It was launched in the early 2010s by Saratov State University teacher Mikhail Mirzayanov. Since then, Codeforces has truly become a social network for competitive programming lovers. Both professionals and amateurs compete and communicate there. The website’s reach is around half a million people from all over the world. Meanwhile, its creator joined ITMO University’s team a year and a half ago. ITMO.NEWS’ reporter has met Mikhail and found out how the platform’s competitions differ from ICPC, how Codeforces attracts millions of users and why the project has launched a crowdfunding campaign.


  • ITMO Student Wins VK Cup-2018

    ITMO University student Mikhail Putilin took first place in the 5th VK Cup International Programming Championship. Mikhail was in a team with St. Petersburg State University’s student Alexander Logunov. The competition started in March, while the final round was held on August 11-12 in the VK headquarters, where 20 teams from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus competed for a prize of 2,500,000 RUB.