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  • ITMO University’s Main Campus to Get a Smart Floor

    While ITMO students are beavering away on expanding their knowledge, the main campus of their university is gradually following suit. Over the past month, specialists in the field of the Internet of Things have been augmenting the third floor of the building with a “smart floor” system, which will help make the rooms more comfortable, safe and cost-efficient. ITMO.NEWS spoke with the developers to find out how smart rooms will differ from the regular ones.


  • How to Harness IoT for Protection of the Environment and Win Grants from the EU

    On June 18 in Brussels, the interuniversity group held its final symposium as part of the Erasmus+ grant. As part of the project, scientists from Italy, Poland and other countries collaborated on popularization of the Internet of Things technologies. Russia was represented by specialists from ITMO University. Among them was Alexander Kapitonov, an associate professor at the Faculty of Control Systems and Robotics. He spoke to ITMO.NEWS about the results of the work, future plans for other international projects and prospects of using the Internet of Things for the protection of the environment.


  • Leading Expert and IoT Architect Alexander Surkov on Current Trends in Internet of Things

    Over the last few years, the Internet of Things and blockchain technologies have become increasingly popular. And while the blockchain industry is now facing hard times, IoT technologies are gaining momentum. Alexander Surkov, a leading expert and IoT architect at Yandex.Cloud, gave an open lecture at ITMO University, during which he shared with ITMO students about how Amazon and other companies use IoT solutions in their work. ITMO.NEWS publishes the highlights of his lecture.


  • Joel Rodrigues from Brazil’s National Institute of Telecommunications: on Internet of Things, Its Biggest Challenges and Goals

    In August 2018, three research organizations published their reports on development prospects in the market of industrial Internet of Things. According to the latest Market Research Engine report, the volume of the global IoT market will pass 176 billion USD by 2022. Meanwhile, Juniper Research report that the number of connected IoT sensors and devices will amount to 21 billion in 2018, and 50 billion by 2022. Joel Rodrigues, a professor of the National Institute of Telecommunications (Brazil) and an IEEE Distinguished Lecturer, discussed the future of this industry, as well as its issues, with the staff and students of ITMO University. For the past several years, Professor Rodrigues has worked together with researchers from ITMO on several initiatives. In an interview for ITMO.NEWS, he spoke about his work and the IoT’s potential to change the global economy.


  • ITMO and ER-Telecom Sign Research & Education Partnership Agreement

    ITMO University and the telecommunications holding company ER-Telecom have signed an agreement on a partnership in the fields of education and science. The partners plan to collaborate on specialist training and tackle challenges faced in St. Petersburg in relation to Internet of Things and smart-city technologies.


  • Best IoT Projects from Autodesk Hackathon at ITMO

    On November 24 to 26, ITMO University’s Convergent Innovations Center hosted the three-day 3D hackathon organized by ITMO and Autodesk for the second time. Participants were tasked with creating projects using the cloud-based software Autodesk Forge, which lets users integrate interactive 3D models into web apps to solve practical problems.


  • Robot Economics: How Industry 4.0 Will Change Our Life

    Have you heard of robot economics? Robot economics is the economics of robotization. People have been talking about “robots replacing people” for a long time, but robot economics isn’t just about the automation of tasks – first and foremost it is a system in which humans interact with robots. This technological challenge can open the doors into a world in which all industrial processes are tracked, deals are 100% transparent and pizza is delivered by drones. Yet this future also comes with many risks and unsolved problems. These were discussed at Airalab’s Robonomics-2017 conference last month.


  • ITMO Technopark Resident Receives 44 Million for HIV Cure Development

    The company AGCT, a resident of ITMO University’s Technopark, will receive funding of more than 44 million rubles from RBV Capital Fund. The contract was signed during the Startup Village conference. The company is working on development of a complete cure for HIV. Startup Village also featured the residents of the Future Technologies business accelerator and the “New Generation of Supercapacitors” project headed by advisor to ITMO’s Vice Rector for Research.


  • Internet of Magic Things: How to Improve IoT Systems

    Internet of Things is a specific infrastructure for interaction of humans and smart devices, which needs relevant interfaces. However existing ones are not appropriate due to peculiarities of IoT systems. Alexander Kopylov, R&D expert at the Kaspersky Lab, presented a short guideline for IoT developers.


  • IOT-OPEN.EU — the New Open Course on the Internet of Things

    ITMO in collaboration with four European universities will develop a system of open educational programs on the Internet of Things — IOT-OPEN.EU. Internet of Things is about creating an intelligent network that interlinks and controls different appliances and devices. Piotr Czekalski, IOT-OPEN.EU project's coordinator for the Silesian University of Technology shared on what these courses would be comprised of, who will need them and how can a common person understand what IoT is about?