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  • PhD Student Mikhail Maslyaev: Science Gives More Opportunities for Growth

    January 21 is celebrated as PhD Student Day in Russia. Over the years, ITMO has welcomed hundreds of PhD students who graduate to pursue an academic career or use their degree for a transition between different research fields. This was the case for Mikhail Maslyaev, who graduated from the Faculty of Geography of the Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU), where he studied meteorology and climate modeling, and then got into machine learning. Now, as a PhD student at ITMO he works at the recently launched Laboratory for Composite AI and specializes in modeling physical systems. Read on to learn how to transition from meteorology to machine learning and being a researcher is more appealing than working at Yandex. 


  • EduStars Winner Marina Barantseva: Teaching the Way I’d Want to Be Taught

    Marina Barantseva started out as a professional linguist and translator and worked in marketing for ten years before deciding to completely reinvent her life. She followed her childhood dream to become a teacher; for the past three years, she has been teaching English to university students. Last year, she won the ITMO EduStars contest of best academic practices. In this interview, we asked her about the trick to motivating students to attend 8 am classes and the reasons lecturers need to continuously learn something new. 


  • Student Spotlight: Zana Sherwani, Iraqi Kurdistan

    Zana has always been passionate about computers and gaming since his childhood. As he grew up, he turned his passion into his career. He is also involved with numerous charitable foundations to help those in need. This is his first time in St. Petersburg during the winter. Let’s find out how he has been coping with the weather and enjoying his time here. 


  • ITMO.EduStars Winner Daria Chirva: Students Should Be Engaged, Not Forced To Learn

    The ITMO Edu Awards contest is an excellent opportunity for lecturers and mentors to present themselves professionally and win an award for their achievements in education. One of the contest’s winners, Daria Chirva, became the head of ITMO University’s Thinking educational module last year. In this interview, she speaks about what helped her win the award, explains why it’s important to deal with the ethical side of artificial intelligence, and elaborates on what philosophy and paragliding have in common.


  • Anton Syutkin On Teaching Philosophy at a Technical University

    In this series, we talk about laureates of ITMO Edu Awards. In 2021, Anton Syutkin, an employee at ITMO’s Institute of International Development and Partnership, became one of the winners of the ITMO.EduStars track. He has been holding seminars in philosophy at ITMO University for five years. We asked him how hard it is to be a lecturer and researcher at the same time, what it’s like to teach philosophy at ITMO, and how this course can be improved.


  • Student Spotlight: Sharaf Ahdaf Souf, Bangladesh

    Sharaf is an international student at ITMO who came to St. Petersburg from Dhaka, Bangladesh. He is currently enrolled in ITMO’s Russian-language Foundation Program and will pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from next semester. A painter and singer at heart, Sharaf is a very amiable and cheerful young man. We got an opportunity to hang out with him and talk to him about his experiences, expectations, and ambitions at ITMO.


  • ITMO.EduStars Winner Ksenia Kapelchuk on How Philosophy Can Help Get in Touch With Your Inner Self

    To stimulate its teachers and mentors, ITMO University has introduced the annual ITMO Edu Awards, meant to recognize superior accomplishments in education. ITMO.NEWS talked to Ksenia Kapelchuk, a philosophy lecturer and one of last year’s award winners, to learn more about what makes philosophy unique, how the pandemic affected teaching, and how she got into the art of fragrances.


  • Student Spotlight: Fernanda Olivares, Mexico

    Fernanda Olivares from Mexico is an international student at ITMO. She is a trained artist and sculptor and studies Art & Science. Her passion is uniting technology and art because she believes that it will greatly enhance both fields. Read our exciting conversation as we jump into all things art, science, food, and Christmas!


  • Student Spotlight: Aleksandra Ilieva, Macedonia

    Aleksandra Ilieva is an international student who came to ITMO from Macedonia. She is also a writer who has recently published a book of poetry. In today’s interview, we talked all about her hobbies, ambitions, and experiences. Read on to hear about Aleksandra’s writing and her life in St. Petersburg  


  • Student Spotlight: Khalil Ibrahim, Syria

    Khalil Ibrahim from Syria is an international student at ITMO and is currently enrolled in a one-year Russian language foundation program before pursuing a Master’s degree in information security. He is a true Madridista at heart and in this conversation he shared with us his love for football and his favorite team. Read along to learn more about his life in St. Pete and his plans for Christmas and New Year.