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  • Schrödinger's Croissant: How ITMO Experts Explain Science With Pastry

    ITMO University, along with the Bushe bakery chain, released a collaborative pop-sci project called Schrödinger's Croissant. This is a limited-edition pastry with a secret filling and a QR code to a set of short clips by the university’s scientists that explain the concepts behind multiverse, teleportation, and other mysteries of the quantum world. ITMO.NEWS caught up with the project’s experts for some rapid fire questions about how they pulled it off and challenged them to explain some complex ideas in plain language.


  • Summing up ITMO Preaccelerator's First Workshop

    On September 22, ITMO Preaccelerator held its first meeting of the 2020 season, during which the expert Daria Khelshtein explained methods of generating business ideas.


  • ITMO University and Kirovsky Zavod to Cooperate on Liquefied Natural Gas Technologies

    On October 4, as part of the 8th St. Petersburg International Gas Forum, ITMO University and the Kirovsky Zavod Gas Technologies LLC have signed an agreement on cooperation in the field of education and scientific-technological activities. CEO Vladimir Korobeynikov signed the agreement on behalf of Kirovsky Zavod, while ITMO University was represented by Igor Baranov, head of the School of Biotechnology and Cryogenic Systems.


  • ITMO’s Opportunities at French-Russian University

    ITMO University became a participant of the French-Russian University (FRU), a consortium that unites more than eight leading French and Russian universities. The project’s goal is to create a barrier-free space for academic cooperation and training the staff of international companies. Participation in the consortium allows the universities to establish educational and research partnership, to organize academic exchange programs and summer schools as well as to initiate joint research projects.