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  • Zemlyachestva: Bridging Cultures and Reviving Traditions at ITMO

    Moving to a new country for higher education can be a daunting experience, especially when the cultural differences seem insurmountable. However, for international students at ITMO, the journey can be a lot less intimidating thanks to a remarkable student club known as Zemlyachestva.  


  • ITMO Graduate Releases AR App For Speech Therapists

    Recent years have seen an increase in the number of speech disorder diagnoses, including minor ones that can be alleviated with timely speech therapy. Anastasia Pivovarova, an ITMO alumna, has developed an interactive AR app to assist speech therapists in their classes with pre-school children. The app is currently undergoing testing at an educational center in St. Petersburg.


  • How Cyrillic Script Came to Be

    As you probably know, in Russia we use the Cyrillic alphabet as opposed to Latin. Why is that so, where did it come from, and were there other Slavonic scripts in the past?


  • Mind-Blowing Research of the Month: Speaking Multiple Languages – Hot or Not?

    Have you ever considered speaking two or even more languages a superpower? Or maybe you would rather call it a burden? If you’ve ever wondered what science has to say on the effects of speaking multiple languages fluently, you are in luck – today we will look into the pros and cons of being multilingual.


  • What is EMI? Tips and Tools

    These days many educational programs in universities are offered in English and ITMO University is no exception to this trend. The university’s Foreign Language Training Center has organized a series of workshops on English Medium Instruction (EMI). On June 21, the Center’s tutors Maryam Reyhani and Aleksandra Shparberg spoke about EMI, what makes it different from teaching students in their first language (L1) and how one should teach students whose mother tongue is not English.