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  • ITMO & Australian Scientists Contribute to Latest Nanophotonics Review

    ​The recent review by members of ITMO’s International Research Center for Nanophotonics and Metamaterials and their foreign colleagues is a detailed classification of the latest results in the field of creating light-adjusted nanostructures from different materials. Such nanostructures and the respective methods for controlling light can have a wide application in recording optical information and ultrafast processing of signals. The report will be published in the annual release of the Laser&Photonics Reviews magazine


  • Available THz: An Article by ITMO’s Researchers Is on the Cover of the Magazine Laser&Photonics Reviews

    Laser&Photonics Reviews published an article by ITMO University researchers in its January issue; the illustration to the article was put on the cover. The article is devoted to ways of enhancing terahertz radiation by photoconductive and optical nanoantennas.