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  • Cutting Perovskite: Scientists Succeed in Shaping Microscopic Monocrystals Without Loss of Quality

    A research team that includes staff members of ITMO University has suggested a new method of processing miniature perovskite fragments. The method is cheap and makes it possible to fashion microcrystals into desired shapes for use in production of lenses and other optoelectronic elements. This will help bring about the material’s widespread adoption within the industry. A paper on the research was published in Laser & Photonics Reviews.


  • Russian Scientists Demonstrate Perfect Light Absorption by Single Nanoparticle

    In the future, this discovery will be helpful in the development of new technologies for wireless transfer of energy and data. The research was carried out by scientists from ITMO University and Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT). The paper was published in Laser & Photonics Reviews.


  • Scientists from ITMO Discover a New Way to Create Reconfigurable Topological States of Light

    A team of researchers from ITMO University and Australian National University came up with a new concept of photonic topological structures. Localized states of light in such structures appear not due to the intentionally designed lattice geometry but rather because of spatial variation of particles' properties.


  • Russian Scientists Develop Perovskite Metasurfaces for Smart Glass

    Perovskite thin films will make it possible to turn normal glass into smart surfaces that can display information in AR devices and convert solar energy into electricity. The research of the group headed by ITMO scientists has been published in Laser & Photonics Reviews. 


  • ITMO University Scientists Found a Way to Release Drugs from Polymer Carriers in a Non-Invasive Way

    The concept is based on the interaction of resonant semiconductor iron oxide Fe2O3 nanoparticles with light. They can get heated locally by a laser and convert the absorbed light into heat. If you modify the shell of the polymer containers (capsules) that are widely used as a carriers for the delivery of bioactive compounds in cells and irradiate them with a laser, the heat will deform the capsules and the loaded compounds will be released at the desired location and time. The research was published in Laser and Photonics Reviews.


  • Scientists Propose a Fully Optical Method for Near-Field Reshaping and Enhancement in Hybrid Metal-Dielectric Oligomers

    Scientists from ITMO University in collaboration with researchers from Saint Petersburg Academic University have developed a fully optical method that allows to reconfigure the properties of hybrid metal-dielectric oligomers in the near field. This offers a simpler and cheaper alternative to the existing methods of working with such structures. The use of metal-dielectric oligomers has a lot of potential for developing new data recording devices, as well as in sensor science. The research was published in Laser & Photonics Reviews.