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  • Changing the World for the Better: Thoughts From New Head of ITMO’s Public Health Sciences Master’s Program

    At ITMO’s Public Health Sciences Master’s program, students have classes in programming, medical technologies, epidemiology, and biostatistics – all taught in English. Since March 1, the program has been headed by the endocrinologist Evgeniya Sokolova (Patrakeeva). In this interview, she tells us about the future of the program, the perfect student, and the most sought-after specialists in healthcare.


  • Putting Scientific Ideas Into Business Suits: Lecturer Meriç Biçakçioğlu On Turning Research Into Business Projects

    Meriç Biçakçioğlu, an entrepreneur and academician, has spent several years working with startups and supporting corporate innovation efforts. He helps commercialize and scale ideas – and teaches students and employees of companies to do the same. For four years now, he has been a lecturer in the course International Research Management Essentials at ITMO, where he talks all about turning research ideas into business projects that are accessible to their respective audiences. In this interview, we discussed his area of expertise and the opportunities for future scientists that can be found at ITMO’s soft skills courses. 


  • Explore the Universe or Deliver Memes: ITMO Fellow Alisa Chaikovskaya Talks Particle Physics

    Physics of elementary particles explores the tiniest building blocks of the universe to explain how it developed and came into being. One recent discovery in the field was the Higgs boson, which contributed to our understanding of what happened in the universe after the Big Bang. In order to solve the many remaining mysteries of particle physics, scientists develop theoretical models. ITMO Fellow Alisa Chaikovskaya is one such scientist – in this interview, we asked her about her work, spin particles, and their applications.


  • Academic Coach Christoph Sprung on the Importance of Soft Skills for Scientists

    Christoph Sprung, a participant of the ITMO Fellowship and Professorship program, has a rather unusual profession – he’s a freelance coach who works with scientists, lecturers, research teams, and students. Having worked as a scientist, he knows very well how important soft skills are for researchers. That’s why he decided to teach them leadership, presentation, project management, and teamwork skills. For the past three years he’s been also training ITMO students. We interviewed him to learn more about his coaching career and his experience of working at a Russian university.


  • ITMO Fellow Balamuralithara Balakrishnan on Creativity and Developing Products Using Design Thinking

    According to a recent study by LinkedIn, creative thinking is still among the most sought-after skills in business. However, it is no longer enough to “simply” come up with creative ideas – now they have to be developed with ethical norms in mind, as well as benefit the society, economy, and environment. Can we measure creativity? What is design thinking and how can we use it to make truly necessary products? In this article, we turn to an ITMO Fellow, the Malaysian researcher Balamuralithara Balakrishnan, for answers.


  • How ITMO Tackles Today’s Educational Challenges

    In the past decades, we’ve adapted to life in the VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) reality – but post-pandemic, life has become more chaotic than ever. In these circumstances, yesterday’s strategies are no longer enough to cope with the changes. To describe this state of complete uncertainty, the futurist Jamais Cascio has coined a new term: BANI. The meaning of this term, as well as why it should matter to entrepreneurs as much as teachers, was discussed as part of an intensive course organized by the Office of Educational Technologies.


  • ITMO.Expert: Special Professional Development Program for Educators

    ITMO.Expert launched in 2018 as an innovative professional development program for the university’s lecturers. In essence, it’s an open platform, where educators can exchange their experiences, share the best practices, discuss topical issues, and support each other. Read on to learn more about the project and its prospects.


  • EduStars Winner Maria Moskalenko: Students Are Engaged When You Love What You Do

    In continuation of our interview series with winners of the ITMO.EduLeaders contest, we’ve talked to Maria Moskalenko, an assistant at the Faculty of Control Systems and Robotics, and winner of the EduStars track. We asked her about her career in programming and transition to teaching, ways to engage students, and her hobbies. 


  • EduStars Winner Valeria Limonova: Every Student Can Be Seen As a Whole Universe

    In another interview of the ITMO.EduLeaders series, we talked to Valeria Limonova, a lecturer in soft skills, about the ways a humanities student can fit in with physicists, how to cope with the impostor syndrome, and the need to always prepare for public speeches. 


  • Uniting the Expert Community and Best Practices: Results of the ITMO.Distant Project

    In this article, we’ll tell you all about the results of the ITMO.Distant project, the best distance learning practices, and how the service supported lecturers during the transition to the distance learning mode.